Japan women's national football team which played against Germany the Final of the Algarve Cup 2012. However, because of lack of worthy opponents, they may not have prepared themselves enough in the knockout stage.
The Dutch team barely managed to get out of its Group A round-robin if not for a timely 1-1 draw against host Canada in their last group qualification match. ESPN reported that without the burden of being the favorites, as opposed to the Japanese, Roger Reijners' squad may find less pressure in the said game.
The glass sightseeing platform in Shilinxia scenic spot in Pinggu District of Beijing spans a length of 32.8 meters and covers an area of 415 square meters. ABOVE: Japan's women's football team at the FIFA Women's World Cup in July 2011In a clear case of outstanding double standards by the Japanese Football Association, the female team, who are strong contenders for the gold medal, have been given economy tickets to fly to the London Games, while their male counterparts - who are not expected to win anything – get to fly business class to the competition.
ABOVE: Team captain Homare Sawa says Japan's FA should put the women in business class and the men in economyCaptained by Sawa, 2011 saw Japan’s women’s team bring home the World Cup trophy after victory over the US, becoming the first Asian team to win the FIFA Women’s World Cup.
ABOVE: The team at a press conference after winning the World CupHowever, that’s not quite the full story.
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A year ago the Japanese women’s soccer team won the World Cup, beating the United States in the final and giving a boost to the spirits of a nation that had been battered by an earthquake, a tsunami and a nuclear disaster.
The Japanese Football Association said the teams had left Tokyo together on the same Japan Airlines flight. The Opals have never protested publicly about this longstanding treatment of national teams and players would not comment on the record today, but they do not like it and say such inequality has been a long-standing source of contention. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, “The Opals have won silver medals at the last three Olympics, bronze in 1996, and are hell-bent on gold in London. 4 in the world, Japan blew past its Group C competitors with three straight wins against Switzerland (1-0), Cameroon (2-1), and Ecuador (1-0). This match against the Netherlands would surely provide ample resistance, though, to face Australia next in the quarters. They won against lowly New Zealand (1-0) but lost to the Chinese (0-1) to settle for third. Also, their 18-year-old striker Vivianne Miedema may finally explode in the competitions, and they surely hope it would be against Japan. The Netherlands are just fortunate to land in the knockouts and the Japanese will impose their championship will. BBC News notes that the Japan Football Association has been funding male football players to fly business class since 1996, while the female players have only been upgraded to premium economy for the 2012 Games, with local media explaining the difference in seating class as recognition of the male players’ professional status.

Is the Japan Football Association wrong to put the female and male teams in different seating classes because of differences in their professional standing? It is the last match of the Round-of-16 knockout stage in the 2015 edition of this tournament.
It may not be as lopsided as everyone expected, but it is clear that Norio Sasaki's wards have not yet shown their true potential. As per Bleacher Report, a repeat final between the Nadeshiko and Team USA is not very far in the horizon. The men’s team however, were knocked out in the first round of their World Cup bid back in 2010 after losing to Paraguay.So what’s going on? According to BBC News, Japan’s Olympic Committee gives most of their athletes economy tickets to fly to the Olympic Games, with a few exceptions. On that logic then, we could expect to find both the female and male football teams in economy class when flying to the Games.

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