Kit Harrington And Blake Shelton Play Charades With Jimmy Fallon On "Tonight Show" - WATCH VIDEO! After giving Ryan Seacrest a quick tutorial on how to eat crayfish, revealing a bit of his Louisiana roots, Joshua came onto the stage wearing a slick white jacket with a rose pinned to his lapel. The performance was riveting, and it seemed toward the beginning that he might falter a bit. Joshua’s performance was really incredible, but at this point, were the judges heaping too much praise on him?

When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. From the very first note, it was apparent that he was really going for it, throwing all of his emotion into the song. His voice almost cracked on the first line, but a few lines in he really caught up with himself, finding the rhythm and pitch, and committing to the performance. He set himself up to go big with the song’s falsetto scream, and he really carried it.

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