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Starting out on a European map, the game combines multi-level train routing puzzles with quick thinking and collecting. If a girl want to be a superstar or pretend herself a celebrity she may start with playing games and figuring out what one have to do to become a famous person.
There are puzzles for girls, quests for girls, monster high dolls for girls, adventures, etc. It’s a great suspension of belief type puzzler with new and interesting mechanics and is just plain fun.

Imagine you bump into him on a plane—he looks so cute just sitting there, listening to music on his headphones. Games For Girls Box has the best collection of games for girls and we are happy to invite you to visit our resource.
The story that goes along is a little weak, but then again that’s just a small part of the game. It’s a really well thought out puzzle game that turns the level map on it’s ear by letting the player control where to go next by where they lay the train track pieces.
Some games for girls are built around nice creatures each girl would adore – like cute kittens or puppies.
You can choose the way to play – there are games that are really addictive and you would want to spend long hours playing them.
Dirac is a puzzle game that focuses on connecting quantum particles in an atom smasher puzzle game.

Any girl would pick up a game of her own taste, because no matter what theme is, girl games are made in different genres.
Jump King Rabbit around to find a path to the jailed bunny citizen, avoiding traps and unlocking passages. But any way – all games you find at Girls Go Games Box are really well done and are able to impress any girl. And DeNA really only hits our radar these days because they are making mobile games for Nintendo.

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