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Scorpio’s are such an intense sign, and we need someone who can bring out the fun in us every once in a while.
I have been dating and getting into relationships with several signs for the past 5-6 years. I think we get along great and that can be for any relationship with open communication and keeping everyone else out of it and work things out between the two even when both parties are ready to tear each other heads off, some cool down time is great before jumping head-on into difficult situations that needs to be attended too. But, being with a Scorpio long term means coming up with new idea’s to keep our interest.

For example, some one we can play a prank on, and they don’t get mad they think of a way to get revenge. As tough as we are we still like to have someone to cuddle with after work at the end of the day.
Scorpio females are very intense, ruthless and hard to handle but they are loyal, have a strong will power and amazing personality. Ia€™m not sure about you other Scorpioa€™s but, SPACEa€¦ not a lot but when we get into our emotions and just need time to think, please just let us.
Nothing is really wrong just let us breathe for a minute and we will back to our old selves in no time.

I am BIG on loyalty, respect, I love sex but it’s not much to me without a deeper emotional connection with my partner.

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