Change the slide duration from the default 5 seconds if you have a lot of text to something like 10 seconds. Having done this you can now export (using Quicktime Pro or Toast) the movie into various formats.
Are you looking to create some great looking Keynote presentations without spending an arm and a leg on a theme or template? Free Keynote Themes – faster, easier and more profitable method that would create your own professional presentation. Whether you are looking for iPhone app reviews, iPad app reviews, Android app reviews, Android Tablet app reviews, Windows Phone app reviews or Mac app reviews, we have you covered. You will find our best app reviews and app demos in the Featured App Banner Section above and the Featured App Section below.

Another option is to use audio tracks on the slides which negates the need to have a long slide duration.
Everyone has a chance to see the intense and eye catching colors, animated backgrounds, unique bullets and photo frames in each theme. The five new designs, called Architecture, Purple, Vintage, Hot Chocolate, and Glacier, were produced, like all products from Jumsoft, by professional designers. We have complied a list of very useful free templates so you can quickly create your presentation and get your business done.
Each of them reflects the title in a visual way and adds some spice to your presentations.Quick to UseThere’s nothing easier than the installation of our themes. After you’re finished, you will find all 25 themes conveniently displayed in Keynote's Themes menu.

Choose the one you need and make your presentation FIT the occasion perfectly.Professional and Distinctive AppearanceThe topic of your presentation does not matter. You can easily export your presentation with our themes to various formats, from simple images to PDF or QuickTime-compatible files. Furthermore, after the easy export Process, you can even use them with PowerPoint where they will look just as good as in your Keynote.

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