Korean cuisine seminars at California State University, San Bernandino on April 16th and Mount St. Bibimbab is one of the most popular Korean dishes and has become a focus of healthy and diet food in the U.S. The seminar lasted about 90 minutes and consisted of a 30 minute Bibimbab presentation and another 10 minute Bibimbab demonstration. It is served as a bowl of white rice topped with a variety of vegetables and a traditional Korean red pepper paste called Gochujang.

In comparison to a common meal of a hamburger and French fries, which has 1,770 calories, Bibimbab has only 550 calories. Koreans consider harmony and peace as an important virtue for living together, and therefore Bibimbab is one of the Korean dishes that elucidates harmony well.
The remaining time gave attendees a hands-on opportunity to make their own Bibimbab for the first time. Simple to prepare, once ready, the fusion of the vibrant colors and tastes of the ingredients makes Bibimbab an appealing and delicious dish.

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