SBS’s weekend drama Life Is Beautiful is perhaps most notable for the gay couple at its center, played by Song Chang-eui and Lee Sang-woo. The scene that should have been aired features the abovementioned couple, Tae-sub and Kyung-soo, speaking their commitment vows to each other in a church. Apparently the Jeju Island church where they filmed the scene voiced a complaint and requested that filming be halted. Some viewers also voiced their anger, pointing out the hypocrisy of stations having no problem airing adultery and other makjang content, but balking at a positive portrayal of a gay couple vowing their love to each other.
Even though I can see why the station did that, I can imagine how disappointed the writer was. My point is I think there are lot of gay couples in hiding but i guess Asian world is not ready to open up to them. I can understand why a network decides to go way one rather than the other (that is, airing content about a same-sex couple is risky), but what is so shocking is the attitude of that church. So you don’t think, say, a child rapist and murderer shouldn’t be thrown out and taken away by the police?
So, the person and the sentiment you’re criticizing are in keeping with what has been the traditional stance of the church. While I am not by any means actively religious and am actually an atheist, even I find your tone troubling. I’m not saying that criminals should be exempt from prison because they go to church. So, since you committed a crime against logic; I am charging you with four counts of butchery thereby I think you might be a murderer and should not be allowed to hide in a church when the police comes to take you away. Because I think a child rapist and murderer should be thrown out of the church and handed over to the authorities, I’m an ignorant bigot who does not qualify as a human? Out of respect for this forum, I have been trying to be very civil and genuinely respectful. Churches can express their opinions differently and take a different stance from each other. I’ve watched quite a few of the It Gets Better videos and I think they are marvelous. I really wish that I had started watching this earlier…50 episodes is a lot to catch up on!
So that was in episode 58 that Tae Sub and Kyung Soo were written to be having a perfectly touching commitment in the church. I was brought up Catholic, but left it several years ago (I have no religion whatsoever now).
Public opinion is the reason so we all need to stand up for our beliefs as the Church stands up for its. For example, Evangelicals are the ones that are a lot more strict and condemning, and because they take the bible literally they believe evolution should be banned in schools.
Yeah, but his number one concerning how we should treat each other is love thy neighbor, also known as his 2nd commandment that follows the one concerning God. This type of situation is not unique to Korea (such institutions exorcising forms of censorship when least expected). I feel like that’s a completely different scenario though, because the storyline violating canon law and therefore goes against the institution of the catholic church. But here the church, a place that is meant to open its arms to everybody, is uncomfortable and unwilling to tolerate the DEPICTION of open gay men within its doors.
It’s nice to be open minded but why must we be close minded to people that really believe in their faith? I’ve read all the comments and I think many have misunderstood Christianity and churches in general. PF Entertainment revealed pictures of her looking innocent to sexy and other various styles.
Things are moving along and we have the big meet between Soon-shin and Mi-ryeong, which will bring along one of the parts I'm most interested in: the mentoring relationship.
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The first step is to be a member, please click here : Sign up, then a subscribe button will show up. In March 2014, England joined the growing list of countries that support same-sex marriage, and we saw celebrations across the globe as gay, lesbian, and transgender couples wed. Therefore, your personal stylist today wants to show you some stunning short hairstyle ideas for you to copy.

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For a more edgy and rebellious look, you may create a short hairstyle combined with the shaved style. To make your boyish short haircut more fantastic, you can try to leave a longer finge in the front. Thanks for reading this post and we will try our best to offer you the lastest and helpful fashionable ideas! The October 23 broadcast, however, edited out a key moment for them that has brought on a flood of viewer complaints and has angered writer Kim Soo-hyun, who, by the way, is one of the most well-known and respected drama writers in the country. The two had just attended the wedding of Ho-sub (Lee Sang-yoon) and Yeon-joo (Nam Sang-mi), and take a quiet moment to speak their devotion to each other. They asked for the producers to remove all dialogue from that part, after which filming proceeded wordlessly. As an American, I love this show and only watch because of this couple and their developing relationship. And I’d dare say the spirit of Christianity (the account of Jesus shielding Mary Magdalene from being stoned).
But when i said that no one should be thrown out or turned away from a church because of who they are or what they’ve done, I was not excluding the criminals either. The gratuitous display of stupidity, ignorance and bigotry makes me question whether you should be classified as a homo sapien.
That’s exactly the argument you made, only more so since I at least at least attempted to imply you are a criminal, where does it say that this homosexual couple ever committed a murder or raped a child? There is a difference between my mentioning in a very civil manner that your tone is offensive and calling you a bigot or whatever else you attributed unfairly to me. Then again, murderers and rapists on death row often receive fan letters and marriage proposals from women, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised or anything. He just expressed his opinion that churches shouldn’t overprotect worse criminals like child rapists or murderers. But rather, a shelter where those people can feel that they still have hope and go surrender and repent for their crimes. For all we know, it could be a small house of small branch of a small denomination of Protestants which we never heard of. If the church considers homosexuality a sin then they did right by not allowing them to speak their vows at church, so they are following what they preach.
The church preaches love and acceptance, no matter what – how people interpret the unconditional love vs. Only thing I can say is, I could understand where the church is coming from in this situation. The only difference is, I define myself more as a Christian – believing in love, forgiveness, etc. I remeber one soap-opera that had a gay couple, everyone loved them, they holded hands and all. As long as they are not going out of their way to kill you or moving politically to block people from marrying let them be? I'm also happy to see the other relationships go beyond a foot in the door, even if it's not romantically.
Here in the United States, a big milestone happened in June 2013 when The Defense of Marriage Act and California's Proposition 8 was struck down, with many celebrities speaking out in support of the news.
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Producers had intended to air the scene as filmed but the result hardly had the intended effect. This couple has yet to “poopoo(kiss)” but they can show more than that w Frozen Flower! I know that some religions condemn homosexual behavior (and heck, I hear that day and and day out living in the country that hosts the Vatican within its geographical borders), but it still feels…wrong.
It is our belief that God loves every person unconditionally and would never turn anyone away. In one sentence, you insulted a person who you do not know as stupid, ignorant, bigoted and a non-human entity? Talking about Christian values and preaching in general is already a fallacy on your part in the first place. But not everyone who is Catholic (or Christian, Muslim, Jewish, etc) believe that homosexuality is something bad. The town in which it was being filmed would not allow the production to use the beautiful, historic wooden church as the central parish for the priest unless the story did not go so far as to have the priest marry her. However, it wasn't all talk — many stars sprung into action and have gotten engaged or married since then. No matter you are looking for a hairstyle which is cute or one that is edgy, you can find what you want from the gallery below.
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As I finished watching the past wknd episode, I did remember the script stating that after hosub is to marry they will have a civil or so ceremony w taesub uncle doing the honors. Really, I suppose no matter what the movies portray open positive homosexuality is still a problem. Churches are safe harbors where one can return anytime from a long journey to reflect and decide what to do in the next step of the rest of their life. I think on issues such as this, there will be a lot of varying opinion even within this particular church about whether their chosen course of action was appropriate.
Also much props to the writer for posting the original scripting off the scene-it was really sweet but I guess korea and most of asia, or churches, to say the least, are ready for that. Some of us crazy religious folk out there actually believe that love (whether same-sexed or not) is no sin, and a personal choice that should not be condemned.
Um, I believe the first diagnosed case of HIV infection in Korea occurred between a hetero couple. Keep reading to see all of the same-sex couples who have walked down the aisle or have wedding bells in the near future! Whatever, one thing you should know is that you need to find an ideal short hairstyle for yourself with suits your face shape and your personal style!
The messy style and the bouffant section on the back of the head add natural volume to the hair and create a more perfect head shape at the same time. Though I’ve never seen this show, I do feel bad that they missed out on what seems like a really sweet scene.
It was not illogical because it was never a reaction the core article but rather a response to a small part of a comment.
That whole paragraph about logic, false analogy blah blah blah is already a butchery of logic itself in the first place. Either every word in there is Gospel truth or it’s about interpretation, and that explains why there are plenty of Christians who HAVE read the whole Bible and have no problem reconciling their faith with homosexuality. And since this is the topic: In real life, if a church realized someone was committing a sin within the sanctuary (adultery, murder, sexual assault etc) they would try to stop it (one would hope). If a show was being shot where someone was sinning in church (refer above list), if in the show fictional members realized it they would stop it.
And the writer before it was so happy saying that finally our country was beggining to be open minded and all..

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