Insert the link for the product you want to buy and we will search for the best offer available so you can save as much money as possible. Take advantage of this offer and get Free Lego Club Magazine When You Sign Up For Lego Club Subscription. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts and updates via email. Two weeks ago we got our first glance at a mysterious, unknown LEGO minifigure that looked quite a bit like a LEGO Store Employee. The minifigure came along with a little envelope thanking Mark for shopping at the official LEGO Shop.
The front of the enclosed card explains that orders with the official LEGO Shop are now including this exclusive LEGO Shop minifigure to commemorate the opening of the LEGO Shop’s mobile website. The back of the card details some of the best reasons that LEGO collectors should buy from the official LEGO Store instead of from other retailers. Since then, we’ve brought various toys, play experiences and teaching materials to over 130 countries.

We weren’t sure exactly what the minifigure was or how LEGO collectors could obtain the figure, and consequently the first few samples of the LEGO Shop figure that showed up on ebay were selling for crazy prices like $50 each! Today, he received his package from the LEGO Shop, which included the awesome LEGO Mini Volkswagen T1 Camper Van polybag promo, along with another item that he wasn’t expecting at all–the special LEGO 5001622 Minifigure that images leaked out of earlier this month!
However, shoppers do not need to shop using the mobile website to get the LEGO Shop Minifigure 5001622 polybag–all orders with the LEGO Shop should be eligible for the promotion. I also just ordered 2 more orders this past week and received 2 more of the employee poly bags. In 1932, he began to manufacture toys for sale in Billund, Denmark and from then on the LEGO brand was born! But Bricks And Bloks reader Mark wrote in to us today to share some gorgeous photos of his 5001622 LEGO Shop Employee minifigure, and to let us know how all of us can get this rare promotional minifigure for our very own as well! The invoice didn’t show the LEGO Shop Employee Minifigure on it at all, so the figure promo is added to the packages during shipping and not as an item that you need to add to your cart when checking out. Will you be making a purchase to add this little guy to your collection, or is it too much effort (if such a thing can ever be said about buying more LEGO sets)?

Simply key in the LEGO discount code, LEGO promo code or LEGO coupon code that you can receive from our site. They informed me that the minifigure is coming with ANY purchase, regardless of amount, when ordered online or via a mobile device after checking with someone else. Then, go back to the LEGO or the online shopping site you're buying from, write the code - and enjoy your discounts! Also, she told me they were actually just informed about this recently, and to try next week.

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