If you really love someone, giving that person love letters that you yourself have written is a grand gesture of your love. If that person loves you back, there is no doubt that you will be able to touch his or her heart with your love letter.
My husband has a gift…a truly AMAZING gift that has greatly contributed to our marriage! I just asked my readers to write "love" letters or to blog about all the things they admire about their husband and then have their husband read it! My parents first met at a wedding in 1986, long before either of them had access to the Internet, much less their own email accounts. There’s something incredibly romantic about the enduring permanence of a physical love letter. You know how you send off those carefully written texts that strike the perfect balance of flirt and wit, then spend the next four hours checking all your devices for a response? It’s hard to ever fully devote your attention to just one email, or just one text, no matter how carefully written or heartfelt it is.

At the time, my mother was living in Los Angeles and my dad was in New York, and so they embarked on a long-distance relationship by necessity. Among the few pieces of mail that outrank money-laden birthday cards from my grandparents, love letters are aces. I don’t want our love to live in some forgotten corner of my email inbox, or float off into the Internet ether.
Imbuing your letter with some kind of scent before sending it off is a simple but incredibly intimate way of making your love letter uniquely yours — not to mention it’s impossible to send in an email attachment.
There will always be another email, or another text, or a cat video that are all simultaneously vying for your limited attention. I love ANYTHING creative and am not a fan of the “norm.” My favorite things in life are my family…especially my HOT husband, my friends, and my faith!
My dad would go on to send my mother dozens of real, old-fashioned love letters, written in pen on paper and sent across the country via the U.S. I want it to live in something I can hold in my hands and pore over and stow in my nightstand.

By definition, the most nerve-wracking part of sending a love letter is praying the post office doesn’t lose it before it gets to your intended recipient.
Not so with the humble love letter, whose only ask is that you sit down to read it in its entirety with no distractions, and away from screens.
The least you can do is give it your wholehearted attention — and, perhaps, a response of your own. Because the thought of a 30-year-old email isn’t nearly as romantic, here are eight reasons why you should abandon your love emails, love texts, love Snapchats, and lovestagrams in favor of the old-fashioned love letter.

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