Until December 20th, if you purchase the LG V10 and register it on LG’s promo website, then you can receive some free gifts for your purchase. Logo design, collateral and website for a deal origination consulting practice in Sydney, Australia.
The single item you will spend most time and money promoting (it will be on your cards, flyers, brochures, website, invoice and every customer communication). Anyway, the promo videos are cool enough and the second one, which focuses on the design of the G3 hints its metallic design.
The video regarding the LG G3 camera is short, but it confirms that the company has armed the flagship 13MP snapper with a laser auto-focus system. The LG V10 will not be flying off retailer cabinets in Korea like LG could have was hoping, however that doesn’t imply they’re now not taking the important steps so as to add a little extra worth to the software for its US release. Keep in thoughts the deal is best just right for a restricted time, so if you have been making plans on choosing one up, now’s as just right a time as any.

The development, interestingly enough, does not showcase the metal G4 that had been allegedly leaked in prior weeks, nor does it showcase an evident curve as rumours have suggested. The leaked image shows six leather-clad G4 smartphones, accompanied by three plastic shelled devices. Tech journalist, podcaster, photographer, filmmaker, and general manager of Bandwidth Blog.
LG is offering new LG V10 owners a free 64GB microSD card, an extra battery and a battery charger accessory to help keep your extra battery charged up. The clips cover key features of the phone focusing on the camera, design and display of the upcoming flagship. In fact, we received information supporting this theory from a trusted source that this is bound to happen. Like we noticed with the LG G4 in advance this yr, LG shall be providing up a promo netting early adopters a handful of chocolates you merely wont in finding presented by way of different producers.

The plastic G4 shell seems to emulate a cross-hatch dimple across the rear panel, while the leather version has two parallel stitching striped running down the back, in centre with LG’s favoured design motif, back-buttons.
Samsung has, for years, offered plastic faux-leather dimples on the back of its premium-end smartphones.
While official names have yet to be released, the leather G4 appears to be available in black, orange, burgundy, teal, tan, and yellow, while the plastic-shelled variant appears to come in either white, grey, or tan.

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