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Alternatively, if you are interested in one of our book recommendations, you can click on the thumbnail and be directed to the corresponding Amazon page to complete the purchase. Material on this page is primarily designed to support Council's responsibilities to promote elections. The LGA website page called: 2014 Local Government Elections Enrol is designed as a public webpage that demonstrates how an enrollment page can be set out.
A flyer which can be modified to include Council logos and contact details can be downloaded by scrolling down this page to the Artwork section and then find it under the purple Enrol strip.

See button artwork for this page can be downloaded by scrolling down this page to the Artwork section and then find it under the purple Enrol strip. See also the document 2014 Council Election - Council Website - Advice Guidelines(683 kb) (also loaded above under General Information - Elections Communications) for the layout tips for your Council's Elections Webpages. Please note: the 2014 Council Election Artwork has been adapted, please download and replace earlier versions with these.
Artwork for you to set up your Council's Webpage2014 Local Government Elections Enrol is below (This link takes you to the LGA's version of this page). Labour re-gained power in Great Yarmouth in 2012 but have a fight on their hands with the Conservatives and UKIP nipping at their heels.
Labour have the smallest of overall majorities and in normal times might expect to hang onto power. When Borough Council election were last fought in Great Yarmouth in 2012, UKIP gained a 22% share of the vote but that wasn't concentrated enough in any one ward to wins any council seats.

There were elections in 22 councils in the Anglia region in May 2014 and here is the full set of results. UKIP have gained their first three seats on Peterborough's unitary authority to leave the council with no overall control.
Content may come from the LGA, SA Institute of Rate Administrators, the Electoral Commission of SA, the Local Government Communicators Network and much has been supported by the Local Government Research & Development Scheme. Enrolments processed after this date will be potentially valid for future supplementary elections but not for general elections in November 2014.

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