Here are the validly nominated candidates for the Slough Borough Council local election on Thursday 5 May 2016. The candidates are listed by name and description in the order they will appear on the ballot paper. This entry was posted in Community Cohesion, Consultations, News, SBC News, What the CCA and others are doing in Colnbrook, What's On.
May 15, 2011 By Pratish Mistry 81 Comments As South Africa heads into one more public holiday on Wednesday, 18 May 2011 – local elections day, Wonkie thought it fitting to publish the following article on the topic by a guest author, Samson Botsotso. Open toilets dominate electioneering; billboards exhort the passerby to show your “love” for the country by voting. One thing though is clear: the squatter camp has become a key symbol of the New South Africa. The reality is that our society lacks credible leadership at all levels – but particularly in the workers movements. These values, of course, have come to exemplify most African Liberation leaderships over the past fifty years, but the South African version is particularly depressing given the exceptionally strong mass organizations of the 1980s. We should have expected (based on historical precedent) that the nationalists would collaborate with Big Business, but the betrayal by worker leaders should cause real anger. So we are stuck, and the hysteria will rise, and the election will come and go and business will continue as usual with workshops at expensive conference centres drafting more and more plans destined for half-baked implementation. A short while back, Wonkie published an article on how the local election campaign strategies of the ANC and the DA have cross-fertilised somewhat. Do leave your comments on this post and where you feel South Africa is headed following the excitement around the 2011 local municipal elections. If you’re sick of hearing promises that don’t materialise into anything of substance why not distract yourself with some more funnies at Work Avoidance Behaviour, or if you’re feelin’ lucky, select something from Wonkie’s online PayPal casino directory. So much for higher thinking in South Africa – at this rate the country will get flushed down the toilet no matter who is in power.
Imagine the Leaders of the present government taking an example from the late general Smuts, who was the leader and Prime Minister of South Africa. General Jan Smuts put aside the Mansions and luxuries, that present day Leaders drown themselves in. The small town Irene, near Pretoria was the home of Smuts and still stands as a monument to him.
Come on get real, even JZ is getting scared for this election he is now prying on the ignorance of his follows by saying is you don’t vote ANC the ancestors will be unhappy and you will have bad luck the rest of you life. And to all the white sycophants with Afrikaans names who are standing for the ANC in places like Bloemfontein, I say shame on you. Please tell all your friends to DOUBLE CHECK their voting paper is STAMPED at the back otherwise their vote does not count.
I counted at the last election and ALL votes with no stamp of the local polling station were not counted. Considering this is only a local elections and not general it will still be an indication of what is to be expected at the next general election.
As per normal I so wish that these well intentioned people would actually check what they have written BEFORE hastily pushing the send button. The voter is given a ballot paper for the local council, ward and district (unless in metro area, then only two ballots). The voter goes into the voting booth and makes a cross for one party or candidate on each of the ballot papers. If you fear a conspiracy is underfoot to make your vote ‘disappear’ then do yourself a favour and print the above procedure out, take it along with you and tick off the steps as they happen on 18 May 2011. We have had big youth meetings in our area, training them how to be a constructive contribution to society and not to live a handout life.

The first thing government should do is impose super tax for the super rich and use that money for the poor. Peanuts: A super tax of the super rich would mean that all the ANC cronies would have all there ill-gotten gains used to benefit South Africa and they would never allow that.
So I have made up my mind who to vote for, it is someone mam knows and has told me all about him. August 2, 2014 by Hays Post Leave a Comment Kansas voters will go to the polls Tuesday for the 2014 primary election. We reserve the right to remove any comment we feel is spammy, NSFW, defamatory, rude, or reckless to the community. Use your own words (don't copy and paste from elsewhere), be honest and don't pretend to be someone (or something) you're not.
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Alicia Caldwell came to The Denver Post in 2003 as a federal courts and general assignment reporter before joining the editorial board in 2006.
The idea log The Denver Post editorial board shares commentary and opinion on issues of interest to Coloradans. It encapsulates both the opportunities of massive urbanization since 1994 and the inadequate state response to the desperate conditions of living of so many hundreds of thousands. Is there no alternative but to engage in musical chairs and vote for the same bankrupt parties that make the endless promises the poor are so tired of? Why do the organized, particularly in COSATU, stay loyal to the nationalist and increasingly racist rhetoric espoused by the ANC despite engaging in bitter wage battles against an ineffective and often corrupt state managerial class and a private sector obsessed with short term profit? We are in a crisis of values that has stripped the cadres of yesterday (the revolutionaries, both internal and external) of any desire or determination to make the changes we need. In this regard we must note our toleration of so many ex-worker leaders (like Cyril Ramaphosa, Marcel Golding, Johnny Coplan, Jay Naidoo etc) who have become multi-millionaires and abandoned the struggle for a radically different society.
It can only be to revive grassroots organization a la Tahrir Square on a national basis, to re-energise and throw up a new layer of leadership and build organizations based on genuine respect for mandates, accountability and efficiency.
The ANC, this time around, is trying to capitalise on fear – particularly those around Nelson Mandela’s death.
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Everyone is too busy fighting about toilets and there is not enough focus on the setting the foundations that really count for the future. I am not optimistic about the local elections… hardly anyone I know has even bothered to register for it, let alone intending to vote! This issue about the open toilets in Macassa was brought into the open, just to discredit the DA and it’s prospective voters. After all our friend julli will still become state president simply because he will be on the anc ticket and can sprout a lot of pigshit.
Considering the complex situation of multi cultures unique in the whole world, we should not have political parties but rather people in ministerial positions who has the expertise in their particular professions selected by professionals in that professions. The ANC have raped this country for long enough and treated the poorest of the poor with utter contempt.
I had one hell of an argument with our local counsellor when I asked her why we do not organise a youth rally.
As with all chain typr e-mails the first thought that hits ones mind is that it is a lot of crap. That is the very first item on the list that we check and the votes without stamps at the back are discounted immediately.

An election official will check to see that the ballots have the stamps on the back before they are placed into the boxes. There is an auditor general who inspects all government departments for correct running thereof and judicious spending. He has been writing commentary on politics and public policy in Colorado since 1982 and was originally with the Rocky Mountain News, where he was also editor of the editorial pages until that newspaper gave up the ghost in 2009. He's lived in Colorado since 2000, working at the Gazette in Colorado Springs and at the Denver Post since 2004. Letters must include full name, home address, day and evening phone numbers, and may be edited for length, grammar and accuracy. It seems grotesque that the level of political debate and action has degenerated to such a level.
Instead of national coordination to provide local government with a clear conceptual and financial framework for tackling the social and physical problems that arise, we have piecemeal approaches that are in most cases undermined by corruption and poor implementation. As a result, seventeen years after Mandela led the Liberation Movement to become the “party of government”, we still do not have a social contract between Labour, Capital and the State to accelerate service delivery and job creation. The answer to this is equally clear: as long as organized workers remain locked in the Alliance trying to reform the ANC (despite its long history of class collaboration), rather than putting this energy into forming a new mass based political organization, another generation will be thrown away in terms of the loss of human potential and life satisfaction. And why do the unemployed engage in “delivery protests” with determination and zeal but still fail to counter a layer of tenderpreneurs and other blinkered opportunists (whether they be in the ANC, Inkatha, UDM, COPE or DA)? There is a fat cat mentality most eloquently expressed by Smuts Ngonyama: “I didn’t join the Struggle to stay poor” (or words to that effect). If organized workers continue to “do business” with and show respect for them, can we begin to challenge the betrayal of fundamental change by Mandela and the other nationalist leaders? How and when this new layer will emerge remains to be seen but the objective need has never been more urgent. The DA on the other hand is reaching out and making promises of better service delivery, granted with a touch more credibility than the ANC.
If these are all boring for you then go to Wonkie’s suggested options for additional alternatives. And yet it is not only the sensationalist nature of journalism that gives blanket coverage to every utterance of demagogues like Malema; it is the doing of the parties themselves who employ rhetoric rather than careful analysis and democratic grassroots practice. And while the unemployed and others on the margins undertake protest action, they do so in a sporadic and localised way so that their mobilisation bears uneven and haphazard results. The result of this mass sell out to individualism and ‘quick bucks’ has led to the bankrupt values of White South African business and its American counterpart dominating our discourse and behaviour. Have Stalinist Communists ever successfully advanced the goals of both political freedom and material equality? Aaaarrrggghh please, we threw a boerewors roll and a beer party , for them to enter the gate they had to show they had registered. The recent formation of the Forum for the Democratic Left (that is, the anti-Stalinist Left) is perhaps a good omen but many of its leaders have histories of sectarian and anti-democratic practice themselves.
The two destroying factors of our civilisation is the anc and the awb we certainly do not need them here.
South Africa’s future lies in the youth, whether white or black and it is up to our generation to educate them.

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