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There are some who want to keep faith with current councillors for the work they have done in opposing HS2, but it is clear that a significant number are saying that they won’t vote for a party which supports HS2. Le jeune homme s'est défendu en affirmant qu'il tentait en fait de s'emparer de l'appareil photo de sa petite amie.

I am certain that we on May 3rd we will be saying goodbye to councillors who have been allies over the last few years.
That will be sad, but what is more sad is that their party leaders haven’t listened to them or us for three years, and we can only hope that after 2nd May they will know what localism really is and have no option but to listen. Well, the people they represent need to wake up, this simply isn’t going to happen and those politicians are ignoring the fact that this is a bad plan which had been badly thought-out and badly implemented.

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