Since Skype and e-mail is so over-used now, going old school and mailing handwritten letters always feels more special.
Sure, it is an expensive gift but if you have thought about it carefully and are willing to use the money, then why not  purchase a ticket to go see them? There is more to your city than your other half has actually seen, so why not grab your camera (or smartphone), go out and take pictures of things unique to your city? Last but not least, stay creative and be artsy about the gift because each couple has their own uniqueness and inside jokes. Nowadays, where the telecommunication system has brought people closer to each other, even then there we also find long distances between them because sometimes some issues create long distances between your loved and dear ones. Did you know that in the past 7 days (February 1-7, 2012), there have been a total of 217 Earthquakes Worldwide ranging from 2.5 to 7.1 in magnitude? Since communication is key in a relationship, set Skype dates with each other and send invitations on when to video call!
Order flowers online and have the company deliver them straight to their door for a pleasant welcome home gift.

Yes it may be a little cheesy, but it is also a nice change to receive a letter that actually has a handwritten address on it instead of a printed one knowing that it is on a bill that needs paying. Finally seeing each other in person at the airport after a long time is most definitely worth it, or you could always surprise them. You can choose to e-mail the photos or develop them and send them by post to your other half; perhaps even write short messages behind each photo. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser.
You could sing a song, write poetry, decorate a photo frame, create a scrapbook, knit something, or even make jewelry. If you cannot call or meet frequently then you should text your loved ones in order to keep in touch with them. Just not only you can text these quotes but also can write on a card, you want to give the one you want to be with you and send it. In fact, some times it is almost exciting to finally see the person again even if you two are not physically together.

There are no limits to being creative, but make sure the gift is delivered safely and in good condition to your special someone. Moreover, if you have long distances with someone, you can send them long distance relationship quotes.
This thing expresses your wish to that person that you want to be with him and it gives him a pleasant feeling.
You can even try video calling when you are out in the streets to get a feeling that your other half is with you.

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