Shocking: The advertising campaign aimed at binge-drinking women The campaign has been devised by the Drug and Alcohol Service for London.
I'm looking for beautiful, powerful women to star with me in a campaign for my new denim brand! To be run by Steve Preston, the campaign's field director, the program is designed boost voter registration in the city while training those interested in the art of community activism. As Kenney's field director, Preston gets credit for being part of the team that secured Kenney's extraordinary primary win over five Democratic opponents. Kenney still faces Republican mayoral candidate Melissa Murray Bailey in the November General Election. But, as importantly, it will offer a classroom for those who volunteer to learn more about community organizing. Preston said the campaign was looking for about 20 volunteers of a range of ages for the unpaid fellowships.
Over the course of the summer, Preston and others on the campaign will provide instruction.

A new poster campaign launched today on London's Underground depicts a woman with saggy skin and a blotchy nose. Research by the charity revealed that two out of five women are worried about the physical impact of drink and only a third about health risks. Earlier on Wednesday, Khloe announced on her Instagram that she's looking for "beautiful, powerful women" to star alongside her in a campaign for a new denim brand with a powerful message. Aside from his unique ethnic background, he has an immense passion for Sade, Pho, and loves his Raf Simons Stan Smiths. A Pittsburgh native and Duquesne University grad, Preston had spent time as a manager with Target before he found his passion as a field organizer with the 2012 Obama campaign. That includes how to successfully press someone for support, how to canvass a neighborhood and how to run a phone bank. The Government has already launched its own A?10million campaign to increase awareness about excessive drinking, which includes warnings to young women about the link between alcohol abuse and breast cancer.
The opportunity will allow women to showcase their figures and best of all: hang with Khloe.

When he's not writing, he's re-watching season 5 of Entourage and bumpin' bossa nova while overlooking the NYC skyline.
The voter registration drive Preston is spearheading should increase those odds for Kenney.
But alcohol service campaign spokesman Harrinder Dhillon said: 'Women are clearly not reacting to the health warnings and drinking among females is getting worse year on year. I mean the fact that Khloe is calling to the people to help convey the message of the brand is remarkable. Our campaign strikes a chord with every woman around the country.'The service's research found that two out of five women felt getting fat would stop them from drinking too much compared with a third concerned about heart disease. Official figures show the number of women dying from alcohol abuse has nearly doubled over a decade.

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