A lot of buildings from the 50s-80s in that kind of style remind me of Minimalist buildings in Sci Fi's set in the future.
Well maintained structures like Sydney Tower and other great examples of architecture during this period look great and shouldn't be pulled down in the name of being dated because it doesn't have blue glass or a shiny grey exterior. At the rate that we're pulling down or covering up these buildings there will be no examples left in the future.
I prefer its slenderness very much over the boxy buildings that are so prevalent in Sydney.
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And I think some of you would find the initial concept for Sydney Tower to be less appealing. Probably in just the past year it has grown on me a fair bit to the point where i now like it and think it looks good in Sydneys skyline. I dont mind Sydney Tower, its interesting for its scale in Australian terms, I remember going up as a kid and looking down was fun, but I never thought it defined Sydney in any major way.
Great effort, and that is the position in the skyline I've thought would be ideal for a supertall.
I think that would be great, but maybe a little further back, so it gives a good view of the Sydney CBD on the left side the same way Eureka does for Melbourne and the CN Tower does for Toronto's CBD.
The Telstra Tower in Canberra is far worse than the Sydney Tower, but that's not a building designed for aesthetic purposes nor is it in a skyline. I don't mind your design but the original tower has to go if another gets built, happy for it be dismantled and put up in Parramatta but it doesn't belong in the CBD. Take it from us women; there is nothing worse than calling a girl and asking what she wants to do! The most critical is the fine finishing details that are going to stand out to the lucky lady! Tags before a date, dating advice, dating australia, first date, online dating, relationship, what to wear. Add to this a lover of travel, adventure, fine dining and wine she is passionate about reviewing the best places to go to save you time and enjoy life.

Update tonight while was at work, dad got the rear quarters, guards, bonnet and passenger door in third coat of hi-fill primer. Really getting close to painting it soon, just need to primer drivers door, doesn't need fixing as its straight az.
I just got back from Myers with the rock crawler, new F1 racer and the excavator, all for only $368.
I think it was mentioned, and for example the Target at Mt Gravatt central has about 10 R2D2s! A little kid got all offended by my mini-land scale girls because they have boobs (not nudes or anything). Fatguy, I know you said I should mount the shocks infront of the wheels, but now that I have the axles rotated a bit I had to mount them behind (well, almost above) the wheels. Happy with that as I missed out on the Sopwith Camel last year and I only grabbed the mini-modulars because it was cheap. Having the shock absorbers above the the wheels is also an ideal placement, pretty much you want them as close to the wheel as possible and if not in front of the wheel.
I also ran out of the right length of technic lift-arms, which I've now also bought and have to wait for.
LDD can be a pain in the ass a lot of the time, but with a few tips and tricks it is possible to do a lot more than most people realize. I wish SR3D builder was easier to use, way better program but is like trying to write a sentence with your left foot while busting to take a piss. However LDD is the most popular and easiest to use, however it has trouble doing certain things, so you need to learn how to kinda trick it to complete detailed models.
Biggest issue I find with LDD is it occasionally won't recognise that a fit that physically works so it simply won't allow it no matter what. I cant agree that it detracts from Sydneys beauty in any way, theres an argument there that its really part of Sydneys beauty. The view from the Manly ferry for example, is dominated by the Chifley Talls, as the south of the CBD is at a further distance. But I think the Woolworths building opposite Town hall would be an ideal spot for a supertall.

Get the heart racing and the blood pumping which produces a healthy glow that will give the illusion of fitness and vigour!
Going for clean look, nothing shiney just going to do some wrinkle-coat on the rocker cover for some coolness. One guy got really upset with me because I used a brick-arms minigun in one of my displays. They're only medium springs but are probably too firm, so I'll have to get some soft springs. Sydney does deserve something more modern and taller though, I've always thought something daring that talks to the Opera house would be good.
A supertall in the south would dramatically increase the presence of the south CBD, without detracting from the Bridge and Opera House's presence in the skyline. That area is a dump full of backpacker hostels, university students, teen binge drinkers and spill over from Chinatown.
I do agree that Sydney needs a good observation tower with a good view of the CBD, but it's impossible for Sydney Tower to boast a view like Melbourne's since Sydney's is in the CBD . Once dried off, stand in front of the mirror in all your manly glory and sternly repeat positive affirmations in your most ‘He-Man’ like voice, as you gaze at your highly impressionable reflection.
I am pretty certain I have a working setup now though, just have to get the rest of the required parts to make it work. I might just need to give it more of an effort, but I actually enjoy building with my hands and trying different techniques over and over that way. The prices were too good, plus the additional Myer One 10% and a $20 gift card I just received I couldn't say no.

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