Good news is, I discovered the price drop before I got carried away and bought every copy I could get my hands on.  Bye bye BOLO. Set in a too-near future, a man searches for a meaningful connection as humanity’s last days are at hand, in Focus Features’ new comedy “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.” Can he find his greatest love at the worst possible time? Dodge (Steve Carell) is a man who has always played by the rules of life, while his neighbor Penny (Academy Award nominee Keira Knightley) is an extroverted woman who hasn’t.
The two misfits meet first when Penny has a rough night and then again when she belatedly delivers Dodge a lost letter.
A couple of drafts were written, but work stopped and Scafaria’s perspective changed once her father fell ill and passed away.
To subscribe to the Philippine Daily Inquirer newspaper in the Philippines, call +63 2 896-6000 for Metro Manila and Metro Cebu or email your subscription request here. I suppose a think piece could be made about all the end-of-the-world movies we’ve been hit with – from “Melancholia” right on up to the latest one, “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.” But why bother when most of the movies, whatever their psychosocial interest, are so mediocre?The worst, by far, is this current entry. The first look at the apocalyptic rom-com also highlights co-stars Patton Oswalt, Gillian Jacobs and Connie Britton.
If the title of the film wasn't a big enough spoiler on its own, the introductory scene in the Seeking a Friend for the End of the World trailer reveals that the protagonists have only three weeks to live before a 70-mile-wide asteroid smacks into the earth. Steve Carell and Keira Knightley play two lonely neighbors, hoping to connect with a long lost love and family members, respectively, before time runs out.

The bulk of the troupe -- notably Patton Oswalt, Connie Britton and Community's Gillian Jacobs -- look content to live it up while Knightley and Carell search for something deeper. From these opposite perspectives, both initially choose to navigate the impending end of the world with blinders on.
So it became a fun challenge to see what would happen when worlds collide – so to speak. We reserve the right to exclude comments that we deem to be inconsistent with our editorial standards. The end of the Earth means that as well as doing things we might not expect of ourselves we may find ourselves doing them with people we would have never imagined experiencing them with either. Both films share an earnesty of spirit combined with an off-kilter sense of humour too and, whilst neither are perfect, both represent a well crafted alternative to the glut of paint by numbers rom coms that dominate the Hollywood landscape.
Steve Carell is a blah insurance salesman; Keira Knightley is an annoyingly free spirit who likes 1960s pop albums and pot. They set out on the road where everyone else seems to be handling the apocalypse quite differently.
Dodge declines joining his friends in increasingly reckless behavior, while Penny fixates on her relationship issues with a self-absorbed musician. When a riot breaks out around their apartment building, Dodge realizes that he must seek Olivia out before it’s too late while Penny makes the decision to spend her last days with family in England.

For some this can mean unrestrained sex with strangers or, on the smaller level of Dodge, it could simply mean befriending someone who seems completely at odds with the type of person you would normally associate with.
At points, like all road trips, Scafaria's film meanders in the wrong directions but it's final destination makes the movie, and the whole journey, worthwhile. When I’m researching prices on eBay now, I also look at how many are currently listed. Seizing the moment, Dodge promises to help Penny reach her family if she will provide transport for the two of them in her car immediately. Dodge is a mid-life, uptight insurance salesman who admits, in one frank moment of honesty, "I regret my life". A lot of times I won’t bother listing an item if there are a couple hundred of the same already on there and many other sellers are asking peanuts for it. His solitude as End of Days fast approaches gets broken by the emergence of Penny (Knightley) an English quasi-hipster, whose spontaneity and love of soft drugs represents an approach to life that is polemically at odds with Dodge's.
The two, however, realise they can use each other's help in getting to the destinations they intend to spend their final moments - he in the arms of his first love, whom he suspects shares the same intense longing, and she back with her family in England.

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