Are you an American or other non-EU citizen looking for a way to live and work in the EU, but cannot get a residence or work permit? Because only EU citizens have the right to live and work in Europe without restriction, the easiest path to living and working in the EU is to claim EU citizenship through descent or origin should you have an ancestor born in one of the current European Union member states or non-EU countries of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Norway. 2) By living in an EU country legally with a residence permit and going through naturalization. It is imperative you consult directly with an official government authority in your homeland regarding your country’s stance on dual nationality or dual citizenship with the target EU country before starting this process. If you are already an EU citizen, seeking dual citizenship with another EU member state is redundant and carries no real benefits in theory. Should you have questions, you must consult directly with an official government body, such as the consulate or embassy in your homeland, or the appropriate government ministry in the country of concern.
Be aware that citizenship applications may only be offered in the native language of the country concerned, even if they do not require applicants to be fluent. Germany – German citizenship and Dual nationality (new link), Application for German citizenship certificate?, Law on German nationality and FAQ German citizenship.
Hungary – Hungarian citizenship and passports, Hungarian citizenship by naturalization, ancestry and other cases, About Hungarian citizenship and Hungary Act of Citizenship.
Portugal – Portuguese nationality (in English), Portuguese citizenship (in Portuguese), Acquisition of Portuguese nationality by children, Nationality acquisition by the Portuguese, Who can acquire Portuguese nationality? United Kingdom – All about British citizenship, Becoming a British Citizen (new link), The British Citizenship Test: How much do you know? The following countries are technically non-EU countries, however they all have bilateral agreements with the EU that allow their citizens the right of movement, residence and employment in the EU member states. Iceland – Icelandic Nationality Act, How to get Icelandic citizenship, FAQ citizenship with Iceland, Dual citizenship with Iceland.
Kat is a well-traveled American journalist and author who has lived and worked in the EU since 1997.
Please note my copyright policy and be aware that plagiarism and copyright violations will be pursued. If applying for EU citizenship is not an option or too difficult for you, you must get a residence permit if you are a non-EU citizen. Was very much enjoying the informative content of your site when I discovered some dead-end links (error 404: file not found). Thanks to this site, I was inspired to acquire my German citizenship so I could come work in beautiful Greece. Kat’s site has been invaluable to me while I have been working and playing in Greece.
I appreciate you taking the time to seek me out on Twitter and come back to the website to tell me how it helped you. I am a US citizen and want to live permanently in Spain, my great grandfather emigrated from Italy to the US around 1900 could i Claim EU citizenship through this link. If your father was born in the UK and had UK citizenship, you could stake a claim through him. My girlfriends grandfather was born in Germany and moved to Australia where he married her grandmother (an Australian woman). The procedure in claiming citizenship in Austria is very different than the Czech Republic and involves a lot of documentation. I am looking at applying for an EU visa through my maternal grandfather, unfortunately his birth and death certificates have been lost so I am unsure how to go about obtaining this information so I am able to apply for the visa. I am writing in reply to Kat’s reply who said she was inspired to apply for her German Citizenship to work in Greece? I have applied for my German Citizenship through the process of staatsangehoerigkeit and have lodged it at my German Consulate here in Sydney Australia. I was wondering Kat if you knew how long this would take or how long yours took as it has been 4months and I am getting ‘itchy feet’ now waiting to go! Are you expecting them to ship the passport to you, or are you picking it up at the consulate? Yes what I am expecting them to provide me with is a German Citizenship Certificate which they have said that I will be able to pick up at the Sydney Consulate.
Yes all the processing is taking place in Cologne in Germany and I have to sit and wait apparently? I don’t recall getting any confirmation from Cologne, or even from the consulate itself. Before applying for a German passport, were you required to go through a process to claim German citizenship via your mother? My Mother never acquired German Citizenship, thus I am inherently claiming through my German Grandfather. Not saying it will make you feel better, but a man I know claimed through a Greek grandparent and had to wait 2 years and 8 months before his citizenship was processed. Ah, I see – my mother was a German citizen at the time of my birth, so I think it was easier for me to make my claim. As I say in the above article, the EU is a membership composed of individual countries and these countries retain individual laws on citizenship. In nearly all countries of the world, citizenship and residency rights pass from parent to child, not from child to parent. You cannot come to the EU as a tourist on a Schengen visa, have a baby and get EU citizenship for your baby and yourselves. I have been married to a German citizen for the past three years but we live in London.(UK) where i have been granted a Visa for 5 years after how long can i apply for citizenship either for German or UK? Hi, I am an Egyptian Married to Romanian (EU National), me and my European wife are living and working in Italy. This website is about Greece and I am a journalist; I do not provide help on Italy or submitting citizenship papers beyond the article above.
Whether you can become a Spanish citizen through your grandfather depends on meeting all requirements to apply.
So basically all ehow did was copy your article, then try to disguise it by giving you credit in the last link.
Hi- we are an Egyptian expat family who have lives as legal residents in the Czech republic for four years and then relocated to Belgium and have been legal residents here for almost 2 years.
Follow the links provided above, or call the Czech embassy in Belgium or call the interior ministry of Belgium if you do not understand the documentation and requirements. If you want European citizenship without the baggage of countries like Spain, Greece, or Cyprus, you should consider these second passport options.
We recently discussed some of the fastest citizenships anyone can get merely by spending some time living overseas. However, many westerners used to traveling on high-quality passports with wide options for visa-free travel may find themselves locked in with the travel options of a lesser quality passport. Likewise, those from emerging countries in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia may be able to obtain cheap passports in places like the Comoros Islands, but will not enhance their ability to travel… one of the biggest reasons they wanted another passport in the first place.
However, obtaining a second citizenship in a developed world jurisdiction can in some cases be nearly as efficient as those in the developing world.
Having an EU citizenship comes with additional benefits, such as freedom of movement throughout the European Union, affordable education, and other social benefits. The challenge is, of course, that much of Europe is insolvent and has succumbed to socialist policies that make doing business and paying taxes there a real chore.
There are, however, a few relatively sane European countries that offer second citizenship to foreigners willing to put in a little time on the ground. After the initial waiting period, the Maltese government will naturalize you and your family – all for just shy of $1 million. Belgium runs budget deficits in the low single digits, and has shown some restraint on taxation.

Once admitted, a Belgium resident must purchase or rent a property to live in and register with the local city hall.
After five years, it is possible to apply for Belgium citizenship, although the process could take closer to seven years for some.
It is possible for entrepreneurs to immigrate to Estonia by starting an Estonian company, however. You will need to live in Estonia for six months each year, which subjects you to Estonian tax on your worldwide income. After eight years of residence in the country and knowledge of the Estonian language, you can apply for naturalization and an Estonian passport. To Estonia’s south is Latvia, the most well-connected of the Baltic states and a country with a growing reputation for quality offshore banking. Becoming a resident requires you to start a company that creates jobs and pays a rather substantial amount of taxes every year, or purchase Latvian real estate of €250,000 or more, or deposit €300,000 in a Latvian bank.
If you have €300,000 to your name and don’t mind waiting ten years, obtaining Latvian citizenship is about as easy as it gets. That said, few countries in Europe love the United States and Americans as much as Romania does.
While Romania has a poor political history, the country is attempting to move in the right direction.
The truth is that Europe is one of the most open places to immigrate to, with many other countries offering various second residency programs for entrepreneurs, investors, or just anyone with cash in the bank to support themselves. If you’re interested in obtaining residency and future citizenship in Europe, feel free to contact me.
Nomad Capitalist helps successful people reduce their tax bill, earn higher investment returns, and become global citizens using strategies like offshore banking, second passports, and offshore companies. If you're a successful entrepreneur or investor, get our free Strategy Session and learn how these legal strategies can help you. About Latest Posts Andrew HendersonAndrew has been internationalizing since 2007, and has learned what works and what doesn't work when it comes to second passports, offshore banking, tax reduction, and investing. About Nomad Capitalist Nomad Capitalist helps successful people like you become global citizens using 100% legal strategies for business, investing, and citizenship planning.
For an outsider to European politics, or indeed politics in general, it can often be difficult to understand the need for the European Union. The first myth, although probably the least controversial, is that war was not possible after the Second World War. If you believe that the EU had done a good job protecting peace, you might still question why, for example, British nationals have to pay higher taxes to rescue countries that did not manage their national budget well.
The advantages Britain, and all the other countries, receives are not limited to internal competitiveness, funding for research and infrastructure, and improved welfare and security.
In an increasingly globalised society the role of single nations has necessarily been reduced. These are all benefits which European countries should not forget at the first sign of a crisis.
Would you like to report this comment as being abusive or containing inappropriate content?
Felix will not modify comments, however we do reserve the right to remove them from our website. If you submit your comment anonymously then your IP address will be submitted to Akismet for spam detection purposes. Many times, there are no language or residency requirements, and applications for repatriation are processed quickly.
You may also be eligible for a shortened waiting period for citizenship by naturalization, but there are almost always language and in-country residency requirements. The EU has not fused into one big country, and there are no one-size-fits-all rules for the whole of Europe. If you do not, you risk getting misleading information and possibly losing your current citizenship.
In reality, however, some EU countries do show preference toward its citizens even though it goes against EU directives. Do not consult forums, a friend or relative or lawyers advertising citizenship services on the Internet, or you risk being cheated of time and money, in addition to getting damaging advice as each case is unique. A law passed on May 26, 2010 allows people of Hungarian descent to claim citizenship without living in Hungary, but candidates must speak Hungarian. Info on integration exam (new link),  I want to be Dutch (Currently only in Dutch) *Laws governing Dutch citizenship as of October 10, 2010.
I really appreciate all the time and care she takes to update and keep information current – it seems like maintaining this site could be a full-time job! This could be a full-time job and I have ideas that can further enrich this project, but I have a career that crosses borders and time zones.
Their son, my girlfriends dad, and mum were both born in Australia, and so was my girlfriend. As it says above, each country retains its separate borders and laws on what’s required in granting visas and citizenship, since Europe is a continent and has not fused into a single entity.
You applied in different countries at different consulates, and there was likely a different number of staff and applications in the queue, and there is not generally anything you can do to make the process go faster.
I paid extra to have the passport expedited, so from beginning to end it was less than a month for me. I have received a confirmation of receipt for my Application in Cologne and asked is there any furthering I can do on my part but again been told to just wait. I am claiming through my German Grandfather as pre 1975 only the male bloodline counts in German Law.
This obviously is different but I knew a German family friend who did the same who said it didn’t take long yet 4months later I am still waiting. You can also get in touch with interior ministry, since you’re living and working in Italy. I am an Australian also and am soon to marry another Australian and hopefully have children soon (not in the EU). You can click the links I gave for France and Spain to read the different residency, language and other naturalization requirements.
Only difference I found was your links are all updated and it sounds like you know what you’re talking about. Could our stay in CZ, which was uninterruptedly followed by our move to Belgium be considered towards citizenship by naturalization?
Combining residency in two different member states does not count toward one EU citizenship.
My website is about Greece, and I cannot help you beyond the information provided in the article. Please note that 300+ articles are in a state of constant update, and I only answer questions when I have time, due to commitments explained in Comments, Questions and Contacting Me. With the exception of Russia, most of these citizenships are in South America, where immigration rules are far more open. For westerners, the immigration process in a country like Paraguay may be relatively efficient, but that is often not the case for those from the emerging world. These countries are members of the European Union, which comes with the pros and cons that such membership entails. As such, Malta offers the banking and business benefits of the European Union with a low tax rate. In exchange for €800,000 in various investments, plus fees, anyone can become Maltese within about 18 months.
However, it is possible to become a resident of Belgium for purposes of becoming a citizen, yet not for tax purposes.

Once that is done, it is possible to spend only a few months per year in Belgium so long as part of that time is spent elsewhere in Europe. Anyone suggesting it can be done in three years hasn’t checked the requirements since 2013.
Estonia is widely considered to be one of the most tech-friendly countries in Europe and the world, and the country is eager for businesses to establish themselves there. The good news is that taxes in Estonia are relatively low, with income taxed at 20% and your business income taxed only when you take a distribution.
The cold weather is made up for with an extremely efficient and transparent government that isn’t known for playing games. While Latvia has the region’s largest population of Russians, almost anyone can become Latvian by being a resident for ten years. Unlike Hungary which requires you to buy toilet paper government bonds, Latvia allows you to choose your own bank and deposit your own money… or buy real estate to own in your own name. Latvian citizenship is of excellent quality and includes visa-free travel to the United States. We’ve discussed how there are entire groups of people in Bucharest that may as well live in the United States considering their American English skills and jobs working with US companies. It’s possible to start a company and pay yourself less than €1,000 per month in order to keep your residency active. While Greece offers a residency program, you’d be obviously ill-advised to put so much as a dime in a Greek bank account in order to qualify, and Greek nationality is nearly impossible to obtain these days.
The stuff we talk about here is 100% legal and designed to help you build your personal and financial freedom by "going where you're treated best". Of course it helped maintain peace, but was war really possible after the atrocities of the Second World War? Very often in fact, when discussing the Euro-crisis, conservative politicians in Britain, and other a€?richa€™ countries such as Germany, complain about the fact that their taxpayers will be burdened by other peoplea€™s faults.
More European integration allows for the interests and security f European citizens to be protected on an international stage where single nations have lost their influence. We will generally allow comments that are on-topic and avoid personal attacks; criticising someone's decision is allowed, criticising their weight, for example, is not.
You may also be required to validate your email by clicking a link in an email we send you.
Citizenship from an EU country would then entitle and allow you to apply for an EU passport and national ID. There is no automatic way of getting EU citizenship through marriage due to fake marriages, bribery and fraud.
If you are married to an EU citizen, you still need a residence permit and still need to go to the municipality.
Most of the time people accuse me of being negative or having an ulterior agenda, but my work has always been out of love for Greece. As you are not related by blood to his last wife, she is not your ancestor and you cannot stake a claim to anything through her. Although my mother was born in Australia, my grandmother was born in the Czech Republic in 1927 and my grandfather in Austria in 1932.
We want to move to Austria as soon as we are married what are the correct steps in making sure we do everything legally. Applicants are required to maintain residency (defined vaguely) in the country for the first year and maintain a real place of residence. Belgium is a tax haven for investors, as was evidenced when French captains of industry fled for just across the border when France imposed 75% income tax rates on millionaires. Either way, Belgium has one of the world’s best passports, and Belgians are considered about as low-risk as they come while overseas. While few lawyers in Bucharest or elsewhere have much experience in obtaining visas for entrepreneurs, it is possible.
Although the common market was a good and necessary step, why do we need such a powerful body to regulate and limit our national sovereignty?
This is however a slightly misguided truth, as in fact most of this money is in the form of a loan, and should therefore be paid back. The individual European countries are not powerful enough to stand against giants such as China or India; the EU however is. It would also encourage the EU to take a firmer stand on some of the issues that plague our word today, such as climate change, human rights and regional conflict. If you are the child of an EU citizen, you still need a residence permit if you yourself are a non-EU citizen. Although they are my grandparents not my direct parents, am I eligible for dual citizenship? I am imagining this is possible- they come over with residency permits at first and after time become eligible for passports. And unlike many western European countries that get on their high horse at foreigners, Romania is open, especially to Americans.
Not to mention the incredible amount of money we have to a€?donatea€™ to other countries because they cannot manage their economy well.
It is however even more baffling that the citizens are frequently not aware that Europe works both ways.
It is the largest economy of the world, the biggest market and the number one exporter and importer worldwide.
It further allows greater international and inter-European competitiveness, strengthening our economies and decreasing internal tensions.
Or if my mother gets a dual citizenship with Austria or Czechoslovakia, am I able to apply for dual citizenship? Is this how it works and after how long living in say France or Spain would they be able to apply for passports? All reasonable objections, except they happen to be slightly false, or at least to say misguided. Many in fact believed that after the horrors of the Great War, no country would be insane enough to once again start the race to arms.
This could further improve if the EU had a single foreign policy: its influence would be comparable if not superior to that of the United States of America, allowing the EU to defend even more the interests of European citizens. The last and often less mentioned benefit is the increased mobility and opportunities, which encourages the collaboration and sharing of culture and ideas.
However it did happen, and not because Hitler was a madman, but because the war left behind poverty and resentment, sparking the rise of nationalism once again. A united foreign policy and representation could further help the European countries, which are at the forefront of dealing with most issues related to sustainability and human rights, to further demand the implementation of European or similar legislation worldwide. The ECC and then the EU have brought countries closer together, allowing for the sorrows of the war to be a shared tragedy and responsibility. Recently The Guardian, in an article by Simon Sweeney, listed all the benefits Britain received from the EU. In confronting big challenges such as climate change, the European Union could be the major player in triggering the global reforms necessary for safety and prosperity. If after World War II the Marshall Plan and the ECC had not set the conditions for growth and intergovernmental relation, war might have not been such a remote possibility.

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