According to Fernandez-Araoz, we now are at the beginning of the fourth era in talent spotting, and our attention “must” shift to finding people who possess potential.
I’m not sure that trying to determine potential in our employees really represents a new era in spotting talent, but I can’t argue with the five characteristics Fernandez-Araoz lays out for determining which candidates possess it.
Despite initially wanting Gus Gus, a potential adopter finds out she isn't a good fit for the kids. After months away from their dog, a family is reunited with their beloved pet, Tree, aka Sunflower.
After seeing their dog on the show, one family reaches out to Villalobos to get their dog back, surprising Tia and Tania. Get your tissues and relive the moments Villalobos Rescue Center dogs go home to their new families!
Tia, Jackson and the Twins take an eerie drive through Bayou Corne, a ghost town that is getting overrun with feral cats.
Tia recruits cat behaviorist and My Cat From Hell host Jackson Galaxy to help her with the feral cat population in a nearby ghost town. After spending most of her life living a kennel, Gidget finally get to call a house her home. Note the dry up in volume within the base, which is the result of traders exiting once the momentum is gone.
Without the backing of an automotive giant, Aston Martin has been soldiering on relatively well over the past few years when one considers its moddest production volumes and the increasingly tough economic climate.
Toyota, which supplies Aston Martin with the architecture for its Cygnet model, went as far as hiring an auditor to conduct a one-week study on purchasing the brand, but the sale has not progressed beyond that point. Both Toyota and Mahindra have denied any interest in Aston Martin and Investment Dar has likewise denied rumours of the brand being for sale.
Depending on how long this debt can be funded, the prospects for Investment Dar don’t look too rosey. Speculation would suggest that Tata Motors, who currently own Jaguar Land Rover, or Volkswagen could be willing to snap up the Aston brand.
For thousands of years, people looked for the biggest, strongest, and healthiest people who could handle the physical aspects that most jobs required.

For much of the 20th century, education and experience were in vogue as the growth in white-collar jobs demanded a new type of worker. The rationale for his thesis is that the world is changing so fast that competencies can become obsolete, rendering a great talent suddenly useless. In the article, he explains that potential is, indeed, more difficult to identify than competencies.
You want to hire people who are constantly looking for new knowledge, ideas, and experiences to improve themselves. The ability to gather and process data to make informed, forward-thinking decisions is a critical skill for a person with potential. A person must have not just personal engagement but also the ability to communicate a vision that allows others to become engaged with the purpose and the leader.
As managers, each of us should be looking for people inside and outside our organizations who possess great potential.
The quiet volume is a sign that many have given up on $SEA, which is usually when a price correction comes to an end.
Investment Dar is looking to sell it’s share of Aston for the same US$800-million which it paid for the luxury car maker five years ago, but is not finding it easy. Despite this, the Kuwaiti investment firm must certainly be feeling the pinch, as Aston Martin has racked up roughly KWD1.37 billion, (R42 billion at the current exchange rate), via an Islamic bond.
Despite having the buying power though, VW recently announced they are bringing a halt to their acquisitions and have now entered a consolidation phase. Competitors like the Nissan GT-R and Porsche 911 are far cheaper and technically more advanced.
Employers test employees for specific characteristics that can help predict performance on the job. In some cases that might be true, but it also depends on what type of characteristics you’re testing potential job candidates for. And there are three factors that are making it more difficult to hire enough of the best and the brightest. In a world where the demand for qualified leaders outpaces the supply, managers must become really good at spotting potential.

It must be the right kind of motivation, which he describes as “a fierce commitment to excel in the pursuit of unselfish goals.” The key is being unselfish.
This requires a certain emotional intelligence that, when coupled with logic, can elicit real followership in others.
They know how to fight for what they want, and even when they fall short of their goals, they don’t give up. Strong leaders understand that if they don’t surround themselves with others who have potential, they themselves will be limited in what they can achieve. Aston Martin generated US$800-million in revenue last year, which pales in comparison to the US$1.3-billion that BMW spent on engine development alone in 2011. In an interview back in July 2011, Ian Callum, designer of the DB9 and now design director at Jaguar Land Rover said, “It’s still that same old basic design.
Test for the right competencies, and you’ll be able to discover which candidates possess the most potential. And once you’ve spotted it, you must keep those who have it and invest in them to make sure they reach their full potential.
A person who is driven for purely selfish reasons probably won’t change and isn’t well suited for a leadership position. If you test only for specific competencies that allow a person to fill a certain role and that role becomes obsolete, the competencies might be irrelevant. International companies now routinely reach into the United States to hire workers, when they used to be more limited in their choices.
There are fewer people to choose from who are rising through the ranks than we had with the Baby Boomers. This might have to do with the mobility of today’s worker, but employers aren’t making the effort to develop the next generation of leaders.

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