Intelligent, lively, and provocative discussion of the Mets, Ed Kranepool, and just about every freakin' thing else! The one on the left with the yellow shirt can't believe what's coming out of Microphone Wife's mouth. I just came here to say how this thread always creeps me out, but Iubs beat me too it.I shall now proceed to ignore this thread like I did last years.
The one on the extreme right is easily the hottest.Judging by the bling on her wrist, her hubby is well-paid. That unforgettable night, the lovers gave themselves to the Bishop of MexicaliThat's what I call religion! The flower arrangement that Arianna Luz, gave the Virgin of Guadalupe, I gave Lylian Gutierrez Medina, who was godmother sector.Yeah, how do you like that reporter? Pelfrey mentioned getting married on this week's Mets Weekly and they had a quick shot of the happy couple walking down the aisle.
Yasmil Garcia is expecting to mark the official opening of CitiField by giving birth to Johan Santana, Jr.
Well, if any of you are brave enough, why not try and friend our newest Wifey, Kim Fossum (Austin, TX), on Facebook?
By the way congrats are due to Brian Schneider and his cutie-patootie Wifey, Jordan, who welcomed a new son, Kalin, yesterday.Kalin?
Schneider just like Clemens gave all his kids names that start with K for all his strike outs.

I read the whole thing when it was first posted here (I guess cooler heads have prevailed and she locked it or deleted it.She did sound like she was a couple scoops of crazy.
I root for Figueroa and his whole family as hard as anyone but feel lucky were able to get this much out of him and as long as he's worthless to relieve this week while Ollie and Maine go back-to-back, he had better be shipped out for someone who is rested.Meantime you may have seen Freddy Garcia is about to enter the Buff rotation, and if all goes well he'll be knocking on the door soon. The Lisa and Cherisse eras behind him, Darryl Strawberry poses with new wife Tammy Faye (oops, I mean Tracy) Strawberry. Eddie Perez was wearing 12 for the Braves when Francoeur came up, and he had been there, on and off, for ten years. Newest Forum PostsMelo once again looking disappointed ( sad level MAXED out )Tyga going thru it. That unforgettable night, the lovers gave themselves to the Bishop of Mexicali, Jose Isidro Guerrero Macias, then ask them if they swore to love and respect for the rest of their lives. All-Everything' in HS although you usually think of football numbers being more honored than baseball. Met wanna be in the last picture???the braves bullshit attempt at a mascot?and hello, Katie McCoy Francouer so there IS a positive side to this trade. Sincerely, Ur wifey?", which turned out to be a hint about her new title track!You can hear it with its release on March 20 along with her digital single album 'Sincerely'!Are you looking forward to her comeback???? ??? wifey (???) ???^^ ?????? ??? ???? ?????~? my new song is titled 'wifey' how do u like it? His parents were involved as sponsors of Vigil, Manuel Antonio Gutierrez Hermosillo, Luz Maria Felix Gutierrez, Ismael Ruiz Perez and Maria Elena Martinez Perez, while Manuel Antonio Gutierrez Felix and Maria Elena Martinez Perez, I placed the noose, and Omar Perez Martinez Myriam Gutierrez Felix, rings, and Dinorah Perez Martinez and Jose David Gutierrez Felix, the arras. Couldn't this potentially be a better thing for her husband, if another team wants to pick him up?

I may get an earlier print run than you do, since the out-of-town papers must ship fairly early. Share your happiness The happiness of both overflows with every move and had to share that went to the Country Club, where 600 guests were waiting with a decoration in contrasting black and white, tall glass base with white flowers, decorated lamps, bases with water, petals and candles, which shut taste in every detail for that special moment. Menu Pore cream and potato, steak in the heart of the mango tequila sauce, pasta sauce and cheese with peppers, asparagus, artichoke pate with pistachios, shrimp pate and smoked oysters and various cheeses, prepared by the chef Mariella Retes while a variety of mini desserts were prepared by Ana Paola Bazua and Tere Llaguno.
MUSIC TO CELEBRATE The atmosphere was flavored with melodies performed by the Brothers Cota. The flower arrangement that Arianna Luz, gave the Virgin of Guadalupe, I gave Lylian Gutierrez Medina, who was godmother sector TO REMEMBER Sofia Flores Gutierrez Ximena Gutierrez Mendivil and handed memories. PATH OF PETALS Arlette Perez Marianne Perez Inda and Sofia Yaheli filled the hall of white petals before the bride and groom to enter. I didn’t want him to call because I didn’t know what to say.In general, after you have a quality start (defined as 6 innings 3 earned runs or less. A win is not necessary) and you have heard the media told you are going to slip into the long man role, you don’t expect to be on the next plane out of town.

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