Growing up in the south, you become accustomed to people using idioms to express how they feel or how a situation plays out.
I'm surprised no one else said this, I totally agree that long hair on an older woman is beautiful when it is well taken care of I just think we have to look at the history to get an accurate view of why short hair is considered youthful.
I think every one has kind of gotten stuck in this mind set even though younger women tend to keep their hair longer now. I also think another problem is there are older women with really ratty destroyed hair because when they were younger they would iron and blow dry their hair and spend a lot of time in the sun. I will never understand the cult of youth, I'm not planning on chopping my hair when I get old and go grey, I'm dying it purple and blue ( which will probably be a granny style by the time I'm 60).
My late Grandma Moore had more country slang than you could shake a stick at (see how I did that).
I have a new hair idol -- it looks like her hair texture is similar to mine, and the colour is pretty close as well.
She wasn’t a scholar by today’s standards, but her no nonsense way of communicating has served me well in the industry of public relations.

This little nugget of information can be applied to so many aspects of life, but especially PR and how business should be conducted. She reminded me that nothing is certain and the only way to make it through hard times is to prepare. I know there are times when we all have to put in extra hours to create a great final product, but taking time out to relax and contemplate your next steps can alleviate worry and doubt.
Hold it (your car) in the road and be careful driving, as well as Hold it (your life) in the road and steer clear of bad things and bad people.
My hair is several inches shorter, but it gives me an idea of how my hair might look at that length. The same can be said, especially today, when you consider new business generation or keeping existing clients engaged and happy. If you’re giving a pitch or talking to an editor, act professional, but be yourself and admit when you don’t know something by saying, “I’ll have to look into that further for you.” In my experience, if someone knows all the answers in an initial meeting, it means they’re not truly listening. Although grandma was talking more about going out on the town, so to speak, it is important to take time to enjoy life, family and friends, which will ultimately pay off in the long run.

As PR professionals and as agencies, we sometimes don’t have the luxury of turning away clients, but if we have a reputation of conducting business with clients who follow the rules and value our services and relationships, then those clients that don’t, won’t even approach us. Even if you don’t have the resources of a large, global agency, there are things that smaller, more intimate shops can provide like: enhanced customer service, truly being a part of a client’s internal team, the ability to form trusted partnerships quickly, same day response to client requests and faster service due to decreased agency hierarchy. If you’re intuitive (which most of us have to be in order to do what we do), then it doesn’t take long to size up a potential client and determine if they’ll be a good fit for you or your agency. If we as PR practitioners stay focused and continue to propel our clients to new levels of thinking, we not only help ourselves, but our industry.

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