Modern and Classic Love song Lyrics collection, with chords for guitar, ukulele, banjo etc, also with printable PDF for download. As we've discussed in CAGED lessons on the site, each of the 12 tones has a chord form 'heel' (as in a loaf of bread).
With that technicality out of the way, let's consider the A form as the heel for the B chord (Major). The above version of B isn't always such a comfortable fingering, so we'll simplify it to a bar chord (where the 3 or 4 finger is doing the barring). There are preferential fingerings for each of these forms (as in the fingering simplication for the A form above). These maps are different from the B major maps in that one tone (the 3rd of Major), has been lowered to create minor type chords (flat-3rd). The above version of Bm isn't always such a comfortable fingering, so we'll simplify it to a non-bar chord. In a Major key, there are 3 Major triads [I IV V], 3 minor triads [ii iii vi], and 1 diminished triad [viio]. In a Major key, when chords include the 7's, the I and IV become Major 7's [IMaj7 IVMaj7], the V becomes a Dominant 7 [V7], the ii, iii, and vi become minor 7's [iim7 iiim7 vim7], & the viio becomes a minor 7 flat 5 [viim7b5 - also known as half diminished].

The vii0 triad can be written as paralling to a minor triad and that would make it a minor flat 5. We keep in mind that the voicings shown in this lesson are but one way to play any particular type of chord. Large collection of old and modern Country Music Songs with lyrics & chords for guitar, ukulele, banjo etc. For the chord B, the A form is the first full form to appear (when considering the nut as a starting point). It typically appears first in a guitarist's playing life as the iii chord of G Major, then typically as the vi chord of D Major. Upper case Roman Numeral means Major, lower case means minor, and lower case with a degree sign means diminished.
We can use any beat count [4 is shown below] and any motor hand technique [strumming, fingerpicking, or arpeggio picking]. Chords are built by selecting a root and adding every other tone [see EON] until there are three tones [for triads].
Minor 7 flat 5 is also called half-diminished 7 and that is indicated as the degree sign with a slash through it.

Different styles favor certain voicings, and in a way are defined by the types that are used. And, those forms that do appear (fall behind the first full form) are Dominant 7 type chords. To make this clear, consider that if you finger C7 in first position, then shift it back a fret, you have B7 (Dominant 7 type chord). And, the same goes for B-Flat (shifting back one more, but you have to mute the 2 string, or include an extended tone). R5 chords are Major-minor neutral & can be used in place of Major or minor chords where necessary or appropriate.

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