Let’s talk about being a spiritual being and having people in your life who do not want to take responsibility for the life choices they are making.
I have been spending a lot of time working with people to show them that if they simply fill the needs that are in their hearts, that the feeling that they carry within themselves is the gift that they will share with others in their lives.
Have you been in old relationships and then started new ones and they were wonderful and exciting and then you find yourself feeling the same way? How do you BE… as a person wanting to know the truth, to walk the path of true peace and harmony, walking here as the God-being you are?

Yes, the joy will swell in your heart, you will feel like walking on water, or skipping down the sidewalk. Or perhaps you have a fear of creating the very same kind of relationship of not being heard or appreciated? First it is feeling the relaxation to share with someone those inner-most feelings and that those inner-most stories that we share about our humiliations and hurts creates a bond or a vibrational hold on the two people involved in the original story as well as the person that you begin to share it with.
Yes, it takes you higher than you have ever been able to feel by pretending that you are a lonely person all alone on this planet called Earth.

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