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Next, I’ll outline the necessary steps you’ll need to take to establish your online presence. What you’re looking to accomplish here is  to share how you go about developing a collection or pieces in a collection.  It’s important that your future employer knows how you work. Other ideas for blogging include unconventional inspiration, fashion shows you like, your trips to the fabric store,  cool fabrics you discovered, designers you admire (hopefully one of which is the company(s) you’d like to work for. This is necessary for one important reason: companies are actively monitoring their brands online (utilizing brand monitoring tools) by subscribing to a number of  keywords that they deem important to their brands.

Once you’ve set up the above accounts, now you’re ready to look for a job or rather have your job find you.  Which, I will discuss in my next post where you’ll learn how to work these networks  and contacts to get your next design job.
Feel free to leave your questions and advice in the comments below, I would like to get your feedback. Proud SponsorBrand Design is a Proud Sponsor of The Doula Services Network - Giving Nature A Hand. Proud SponsorBrand Design is a Proud Sponsor of Get Mfg.The new and simple way inventors are finding Manufacturers.
At least once a week you should have a new illustration or design work in which you demonstrate your creative process step by step from inspiration to sketch to fabric selection.

Company name, head designer’s name, competitors names, and product names are keywords you can expect to trigger a response or a review of what is being said online.   So why not talk about them! With that said, doing your research about the company, finding out what they are up to and writing blog articles about what’s important to them is a great way to get noticed.  So when your potential employer is searching the internet to find out who’s talking…. Well, there are two phrases in the recruiter’s lexicon that are used constantly, “active” and “passive candidates”.  They prefer to hire the latter, simply because of the perception that good people are always employed and employed people are usually talented.

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