A, i jako ze prawdopodobnie jest to nasz ostatni news przed jutrzejsza Wigilia, to chcialbym Wam wszystkim drodzy i kochani gracze zyczyc wesolych i spokojnych Swiat Bozego Narodzenia =) A najbardziej to wam zycze tego, zebyscie chociaz w te swieta dali sobie spokoj z Warcraftem i mile je spedzili z rodzina. Krotko i zwiezle: jezeli przetransferowalismy swoja postac na inny realm, to przez najblizsze 60 dni nie bedzie mozliwe przez nas zdobycie jakiegokolwiek achievementu Realm First. Widzimy od czasu do czasu na forum posty takiego typu, ale zadne z nich nie maja ani jednego konkretnego argumentu.
W przeciwienstwie do starego systemu raidowania, dzisiejszy jest dostepny dla duzo szerszej grupy graczy. Mix raidow i systemu cross-realm jest zdecydowanie bardziej skomplikowany, niz jest to przy 5-osobowych instancjach. Jest to moze cos, co moglibysmy zrobic i prawdopodobnie cos, co kiedys zrobimy, ale raczej sie tego teraz nie spodziewajcie.
Na PTR w koncu pojawil sie dlugo wyczekiwany system Looking For Dungeon, ktory pojawi sie w patchu 3.3. Cross-realmowe PUGi – LFD, podobnie do systemu kolejkowania na BG, laczy graczy ze wszystkich realmow z danego battlegroupa (okolo 15 realmow). Gracze dolaczani sa automatycznie, niemalze losowo, gdyz nie spotkamy w naszej grupie kogos z naszej listy ignorowanych (btw: ignore-list zostal poszerzony do 50 miejsc i mozna ignorowac graczy z innych realmow), a przy trudniejszych instancjach (typu ToC lub IC), wymagany jest pewien minimalny sredni ilvl gearu. Tak jak na battlegroundach, trade miedzy graczami z roznych realmow bedzie pozwalal tylko na wymiane przedmiotami typu conjured lub itemkami, ktore wypadly w danej instancji. Vote Kick – party bedzie moglo zaglosowac za wyrzuceniem jednego z graczy z instancji (gdy ten np. Gracze, ktorzy wyjda z instancji przed jej ukonczeniem, otrzymaja debuff Deserter, ktory wylaczy ich z systemu LFD na najblizsze 15 min (gdy jako losowa instancje trafi nam the oculus i calemu party nie chce sie go wykonywac, to i tak bedziecie musieli przeczekac te 15 minut i sprobowac ponownie).
Jezeli opusci nas jeden z graczy, lider moze zadecydowac, czy chce kontynuowac instancje – jezeli tak, to LFD automatycznie znajdzie nam kolejnego gracza. Need before Greed bedzie jedynym obowiazujacym systemem dzielenia lootu, jezeli w party bedziemy mieli chociaz jednego gracza spoza naszego realmu.
Poza tym, do gry powrocil stary kanal Looking for Group – jest on dostepny tylko w stolicach (podobnie do kanalu Trade.
Gracz moze byc obecny lub zapisany w kolejce tylko do jednego systemu: dungeon, raid, battleground lub arena.
The new year 2012 has begun and Halona is raiding once again after our annual festive break. Players interested in joining us on a social basis need simply approach one of our many friendly officers (preferably while they’re not raiding!) for a quick chat and an invite, assuming you don’t come across as a psycho mentalist, a cushion fetishist, a nazi apologist or a fraudulent astrologist! A number of us have been enjoying SWTOR immensely over the Christmas and New Year period and we’ve finally got around to creating our own Halona guild within the game. Reportedly, Blizzard’s forthcoming Diablo III is due to be released in early February 2012. It’s a brave company that announces a new game in a much-loved franchise and lets players in on the beta only days later. Battlefield Hardline isn’t just the next game in a long-running series, but also a considerable departure from its regular war themed gameplay.
Visceral Games is the team behind Battlefield Hardline, and Steve Papoutsis is general manager and executive producer on the game. VG247: From a gameplay perspective what are the big changes we’ll notice from the beta in the final release? Steve Papoutsis: Playing around with recoil on the weapon and bullet flinch are big things. Is there anything that’s an improvement on general Battlefield gameplay, not just Hardline? VG247: Are you confident you can establish Hardline as more than a one-off spin-off for the Battlefield series?
Microsoft is currently soliciting feedback for Windows 10 as part of a Technical Preview program to improve the features of the company’s next version of Windows.
Destiny’s elegant UI and general aesthetics design are one of its most redeeming qualities. The first is an icon that shows other players in the tower which activity you’re looking to do. Perhaps the most important one here is this one; it lets you use the Ammo Synthesis during combat, instead of going to the menu. Finally, this one adds an overlay (like almost every shooter) that lets you change weapons on the fly. There are a couple more in there that are not as important, and I highly recommend you check them out.
Just in time for Apple's latest iPad announcements, you can get your hands on your own iPad Mini! The users of Xbox One who have been participating in the console’s preview program will now be able to track their contributions via a new page called “My Stats” which is available in preview Dashboard app. All the activities that you have completed thus far including quests, surveys, quick polls and rating updates will get you points that will help you level up and unlock some new preview pictures. Users, who have been contributing for a long time, will get their fair share of points for all the feedback, so that they will not have to start from the beginning.
In addition, a leaderboard has been added to the Xbox One, which will let you see where you stand in comparison to your friends and other people using the preview program.
Microsoft promises that it will keep on coming with the new opportunities for bonus points as the time goes on, so that you can improve your ranking.
My stats is a good initiative from Microsoft as it might attract more players towards the preview program, which in return will help the company get better feedback. If you are a long time League of Legends fan then you might remember Riot Games started a “refer-a-friend” program about five years ago. According to the promotional program players were offered special rewards in exchange for them inviting their friends and other new players to play the game.
Later on, Riot Games decided to withdraw this offer and hardcore fans were not too happy about it. Furthermore, the company stated that it takes around half a year to design a champion, cummulatively taking 10,000 hours of work with more than 100 people involved. Every so often Riot Games hold an event called Thunderdome in which Rioters are challenged to create a prototype in 30 hours.

Keep in mind that only two percent of the concepts are ever approved to be a part of the game, according to Riot. Turtle Rock Studios has revealed a new Savage skin for Goliath, the demonic creature you will be taking control of in the upcoming title Evolve. Those of you, who are looking forward to use this skin will have to pre-order Evolve or download it separately when it becomes available as a DLC after the game’s release next year. Pre-ordering the game will also get you a new unrevealed playable monster, which makes it quite an interesting package for the players who want to spend a lot of time playing Evolve.
The game will use the 4v1 formula as five players will be selected for the match, four of whom will join forces to take on the mighty Goliath that will be controlled by the fifth player.
The game’s objective is pretty simple; one of the two parties will have to take the other one out.
On the other hand, four players will have their unique resources and abilities, which they will need to combine in order to take down the Goliath. Evolve after suffering a delay will now arrive on February 10 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.
The post Check Out This New Savage Goliath Skin for Evolve In a New Video appeared first on SegmentNext. Jeffrey Robinson, a well-known writer on financial crime, has vented his spleen about the hype surrounding bitcoin. We first heard of Adr1ft back in February this year and by June we knew that the developer was working with Virtual Reality too.
While not much is known about the exact story of the game, we know that it is a space adventure where you are the only human confined to the astronaut’s suit in zero gravity.
That last part brings in the fact that your loneliness is going to be your enemy among other things in the environment like radiation, space debris and more.
Of course all that requires a lot of study into how things behave and move in space, which is why Orth is making good use of some of his friends at NASA.
There is a paradox in the title too, for Orth, it is freeing and limiting at the same time to be working with the VR on this project.
Acest thread este dedicat jucatorilor de Destiny PS4 care sunt in cautare de raid sau clan leaderilor care au nevoie de jucatori pt a forma echipa pt raid.
In acest moment echipa mea are nevoie de un titan defender de lvl 28+ pentru a farma Vault of Glass raid apoi pt a progresa pe Hard mode raiding. Regulament ? BB Codes ? Avantaje Premium, Trader & VIP ? Licitatii CG ? Suntem si pe Facebook ? Cumperi si ajuti! Imi cer scuze daca a fost asa, se mai intampla sa ma ridic sa mai trebaluiesc prin casa si sa pierd notificari. Au facut ieri cei din grupul Dristor Kebap (sper ca nu le-am gresit numele) raid-ul pe normal si a durat aproximativ 2 ore, plus 30 minute or so de pauze (pentru tigari, brainstorming, etc.).
In acest moment avem 2 jucatori in echipa care au facut clear pe hard, deci n-ar strica ceva experienta de raid macar pe normal mode. Caut 4 oameni pentru raid ( suntem 2 warlok 29 si hunter 29), de preferat lvl apropiat de al nostru.Mentionez ca am facut raidul doar o data deci suntem la inceput, dar invatam repede.
Nostalgia to potezna rzecz: w grze, ktora jest obecna na rynku juz taki dlugi szmat czasu, nie trudno o wiele fajnych wspomnien z przeszlosci, ktora chcialbys jeszcze raz przezyc.
I za pewne wielu z was rozmowa ta dosyc irytuje, zwlaszcza ostatnio, w dobie bardzo szybko wykonywanych losowych heroicow, gdy czas wykonywania heroica liczy sie znacznie bardziej. Zmiana tego typu zajelaby dosyc duzo czasu naszym technikom, ktorzy musieliby przerobic wiele istniejacych dungeonow. Wiemy, ze pewna czesc graczy ma problem z ta instancja, ale kazdy kogo znam i kto byl w tej instancji po patchu 3.3, mowi ze jest to dosyc prosta instancja (co najwyzej jest moze troszeczke za dluga).
Krotko mowiac, jest to cos w stylu mieszanki starego systemu LFG i systemu queue uzywanego przy battlegroundach – LFD pozwoli na bardzo szybkie znalezienie sobie grupy do 5-osobowych instancji, poprzez polaczenie systemu LFG na wielu realmach ze soba! Okienko od LFD jest znacznie bardziej przyjemniejsze w uzyciu (co najlepiej jest po prostu sobie obadac na screenach) – nie musimy ograniczac do trzech instancji, ktore nas interesuja (mozemy sobie dowolnie pozaznaczac).
Jezeli pokonalismy wczesniej jakiegos bossa, gracz ten bedzie mogl oczywiscie zadecydowac, czy chce dolaczyc do naszego PUGu, czy moze woli jednak poczekac na swieza grupe (fresh run). To proste – gra nas po prostu steleportuje prosto do instancji, w taki sam sposob jaki to przebiega przy battlegroundach, gdy tylko uzbierzemy cala grupe. LFR nie bedzie jednak mialo za duzo wspolnego z LFD (blizzard na razie nie zamierza do raidow wprowadzic systemu cross-realm) – bedzie wygladalo raczej w stylu dawnego LFG. Jak najbardziej chcialbym przeprosic za ostatnia, bodajze 3-dniowa przerwe w dzialalnosci strony (przekroczony transfer). Jak zdazyliscie zauwazyc, wyrzucilem z prawego menu liste najnowszych newsow, komentarzy i postow na forum. W przypadku naruszenia prawa, wszelkie zgromadzone dane o osobie lamiacej prawo, zostana przekazane odpowiednim wladzom. We sat down with him at EGX last month to discuss the beta, the delay, the changes and the vocal feedback from the fan community. We talked with the exec team at EA and said if we want to do anything with all this feedback we’re going to need more time. The first one is something the community asked for, and that’s having faction-specific weapons. Obviously with Battlefield you have this really solid foundation of rock, paper, scissors gameplay. One is to have some of those more powerful weapons be pick-ups so it creates a secondary objective. Going back to some of the earlier Battlefields the franchise has a long history with so many fans that certain people like a specific version. Now you can run up to anybody who has a health kit equipped and hit the action button and get healed. To not only announce a brand new take on Battlefield but also open it up to players – and then delay it to incorporate those changes. Back in the old days you would get an exclusive article in a magazine or online and that would be your only exposure to it. While testers are voting on a variety of changes that Paul Thurrott has documented well, Microsoft has also opened its own Windows feature suggestion page at the Uservoice feedback site.
That said, it’s still missing some key functions and the community is here to the rescue.

This will help immensly in finding other players to join you on the Daily Heroics and other activities that don’t have matchmaking.
The icons on the right help keep track of your bounties and also a button that lets you get right to The Tower from any planet. These rewards included the amazing opportunity to design a new champion with the team working on League of Legends, among others. So, if you are one of those referrers, get ready and its best to start working on a concept right now in order to have the best chance to get your champion into the game.
This newly unveiled skin is quite bright and gloomy as it makes the giant beast look even scarier. Check it out in the video attached above.
However, it is easier said than done because the beast is extremely powerful and has the ability to take down all four players in an instant. The game is being developed by Adam Orth, the guy known for insulting fans who questioned Xbox One’s always online feature back in the days. In acest moment este preferat sa fi lvl 28 pentru ca iti iei cu pana la 50% mai putin damage de la mobi. Disponibil seara dupa 19-20 pana pe la 23 de 2-3 ori in timpul saptamamii si mai tot weekendul. Azi ma aciuiez si eu pe-acolo, intrucat vad ca "ai nostrii" si-au format de ceva vreme echipele si e greu sa prinzi un loc. As prefera sa fac parte dintr-o echipa fixa dar sunt deschis si persoanelor care mai au nevoie de un om si nu gasesc. W mocno ewentualnym przypadku wymagane bedzie wyczyszczenie tymczasowych plikow w przegladarce, ale raczej nie powinno to byc wymagane. Jezeli zabierzemy sie za to, to raczej bedzie to wygladac w taki sposob, ze ‚fabule’ zobaczyc bedzie mogl kazdy, ale bedzie mozna ja takze pozniej pominac. Do LFD, tak samo jak w LFG, dolaczac sie moga pojedynczy gracze lub liderzy zalozonych juz grup.
Ponadto, w odroznieniu od BG, podczas robienia instancji bedziemy mogli wyjsc na chwile z instancji, naprawic sie, i wrocic. Kopiowanie grafiki oraz rozwiazan technologicznych zastosowanych na witrynie surowo wzbronione. We still love ZAT immensely and plan to keep it a part of who we are but for now, standard raiding is likely to be the modus operandi for the remainder of Dragon Soul. Get in contact if you fancy joining us over there by whispering any of the following: Broliant, Hetty, Lkjp, Olivia or Vardo. And we wanted them to get feedback on the game and if what we were doing on the game was good. Andrew Wilson, the new EA CEO, one of the things that he wants to invest in is listening to players and putting them first. And then the multiplayer guys have been taking that and incorporating what makes sense into the game. It’s subtle but it really helps things along and reduces some of the friction and frustration.
How did it feel to be part of a bigger experiment not only for the franchise but for EA and the blockbuster business? But now gaming has evolved that we thought it would be cool to let people play it when we announced it. My generation has a different understanding of what a beta is versus some new folks who think it’s a demo.
My opinion on games in general is that we have to earn the trust and support of our players. They add much-needed functions that are currently missing, some social, other are just practical. Obviously if a champion takes that long, it is not possible to bring it to life in a day or two. Przy raidach nie mozemy zas zdecydowanie pominac lockoutu, a bardzo czesto sie zdarza, ze czesc bossow pozostaje jeszcze zywa. Wszystko to tyczy nas oczywiscie takze wtedy, gdy cale nasze party pochodzi z tego samego realmu. We knew going into the game that there are many passionate Battlefield fans and people were going to have positive and negative reactions to what we were doing. With that being the new vision for the company it made a lot of sense for them to give us more time. We wondered if people would like it if they were invested in their P90, but when they were on the other faction they couldn’t use it? It helped us with player feedback but it also helped us get ready for a challenge at launch. Nu am avut ocazia sa incerc de mai multe ori pentru ca nu am avut cu cine dar cunosc mecanicile raidului. A nie chcialbys wejsc do gry pare dni pozniej, tylko po to, aby zauwazyc ze ktos inny juz wyczyscil instancje.
Gildyjny daily heroic bedzie wiec teraz skladal sie teraz tylko i wylacznie ze stworzenia grupy, wybrania random heroic w LFD i natychmiastowego steleportowania sie do instancji.
Moze jest to cos, co brzmi dobrze w teorii, ale w ogole nie pokrywa sie to z tym, co jest w praktyce. What was weird, and a little bit disappointing, was some people thought that was the whole game.
When you play the game, if you set up your vehicle loadout to have a specific weapon in the trunk and you control the vehicle you can use that item.
So now you want to get a vehicle to get access to a specific weapon, which also fits the fiction better.

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