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En Biblias de piel, el ISBN puede ser encontrado en la parte de atrás de la caja del producto o estampado en la contraportada de la Biblia.
Leila: This just crossed my mind, do the boys actually notice Jung Hwan’s feelings for Deok Sun?
Blue: For Sun Woo to suggest that they follow Taek and Deok Sun to the movies would have been too insensitive for him if he had known. Leila: When Oppa Trash and Chil Bong talks about Na Jung, those remained as my favourite scenes.
Blue: I do think there will be at least one scene where Taek and Jung Hwan confront each other and discuss head on.
Blue: Keke, well, Jung Bong wants to hide the relationship too! They probably want their relationship to grow without the hawk-like, judgmental eye of the adults around them. Blue: I don’t think he would have liked Dong Ryong to find out if he could have helped it!
Leila: That still applies today ?? I think we all go thru that phase, isn’t it? Oppa Jung Bong is smooth and yet fast! Leila:  I think they are still young and quite immature to handle a relationship to make it last if they decide to be in a relationship now. Blue: The Reply production always does this where they hide how one side feels, even from the viewers, as the series near its end. Blue: Or perhaps the mystery will be whether Jung Hwan still loves Deok Sun after the time jump? Ooh, I love that even better!
Blue: Hmm, after the time jump, maybe Deok Sun will be pursuing Jung Hwan because she is so sure of her feelings for him, whether or not he likes her back. Blue: And Jung Hwan either went on many blind dates in college to forget Deok Sun, or he made Deok Sun believe he did.
Leila: Everyone is anticipating who will play the adult counterpart ?? BTW Blue, is the color scheme in this series significant?
Blue: Yes, the not-so-mystery husband hunt, and the silly (but fun) props used, they are all becoming a signature trademark of the series.

Leila: There is fun in digesting every detail, but learning from PD Shin from Reply 1997, I don’t take it too seriously! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Try King's Daughter Seo Baek Huyang if you are a Seo Hyun Jin fan.She was excellent there and the drama is good too. We've created these discussion questions for you to use in small groups and even just for yourself. Word about Love Does has spread, and it's even hit the New York Times Bestseller List! For most books, the ISBN can be found on the back cover in the lower-right corner as shown.
En la mayoria de los libros, el número de ISBN puede ser encontrado en la contraportada del libro en la esquina inferior derecha. That’s why I think this hurts Jung Hwan more because everyone is like cheering for Deok Sun and Taek!
But most men seem to agree that guys just don’t care to dig into who their guy friend likes unless it was first brought up by the guy.
I think for Deok Sun, Jung Hwan is used to teasing her and she doesn’t give meaning on that and only realised her feelings thru her friends. I think before Jung Hwan or Taek have Deok Sun for a girlfriend, they will definitely talk.
But yes, it is a much more mature kind of love, where they find comfort in knowing that there is someone else for them to worry for each other, be happy for each other and yes, eat together too. Though anyone who decided on this, usually the relationship doesn’t work because there is no blessing from the parentals. She easily fell for the wrong guy. Well, her friends were partly to blame but we control our feelings.
In Reply 1997, they hid whether Yoon Jae got over Siwon. This is  the only way to keep the mystery until the final episode, unfortunately.
How his nose bleeds frequently like his dad, how he retracts and becomes quiet when mad like his dad. Jun Hee gave way and encouraged Yoon Jae to finally step up for Siwon. I also love the bromance between Samcheonpo and Haitai!

Just a little extra to keep the drama fanatics entertained. We talk about the color theory on Soompi and other drama sites, but it is not discussed (or even noticed) by casual drama watchers.
Any final thoughts with regard to the love department and the possible “husband”?? On the other hand, I think Taek will be able to handle everything after he cried himself to sleep.
I would also love for Papa Bear to eat healthy, warm food. Surely he missed being taken care of.
Deok Sun faked that she sprained her ankle to hold Jung Hwan’s hand all the way to the bus stop. It’s only the die-hard fans who watch and re-watch the show who even take notice of these things. It’s not an easy feat to have three successful installments and have such a clear, distinct trademark like this. Its focus on family & friendship was more than enough for me to even care who Deok Sun ends up with.
She told them that even though they are experiencing a difficult time, and they won’t know or understand the reason at the moment, someday they will definitely look back and understand everything with fondness in their hearts. Many people are anticipating who the husband is, though everyone is already frustrated as we speak. Without any lines, he can say A LOT.  I still wonder how everything will turn out for him and Deok Sun.
Anyway, Deok Sun is still oblivious of how Taek and Jung Hwan truly feel about her. I think we also need to hear Deok Sun more.
Deok sun started to like Sunwoo just after her friends told her they notice him liking her, then shifted to Junghwan when they said the same.
But I read in one of the preview that Deok Sun’s feelings for Jung Hwan is unwavering despite of what Jung Hwan is doing to her.

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