It?s a long standing tradition dating back to The Dating Game that contestants on game shows will occasionally let a non-sequitur slip. It?s pretty safe to say that Alex Trebek doesn?t exactly know what a ?donkey punch? is only because almost all the other times a contestant on his trivia show has let an amusing incorrect answer slip from their mouths, he?s right there to chime in with a tension breaking joke. However, when Mike, a young and sweater vest dressed contestant, provides the question ?What is a donkey?? in response to the answer about a punch to the back of the head, well, no one seemed to notice.
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Question: What is an awesome hands-on way for students to interactively learn in the classroom? Also included in the Classroom Jeopardy set is 3 small dry erase paddles for the students to write their final answers on. In fact, they do entire television specials in order to showcase the many, many times that players over the years on various programs have provided comically irrelevant or absurd answers to a given piece of trivia. This was the case when, not too long ago, Kara Spak - playing the the ?Tournament of Champions? of all things - answered an answer with a particularly sexual question? ?What is a threesome??.

The great thing is that there is a small digital screen on the remote which will actually tell you the correct answer!
I used to be a teacher and I made my own homemade version of Jeopardy for the classroom, would’ve been great to have this!
I have 2 sisters that are teachers who would love this – but I would love it for myself!
This time a major slip on Jeopardy was a little less noticeable but perhaps one of the raunchiest yet. The actually answer, of course, was a love triangle and Trebek was right there to crack wise. It will also light up for correct and incorrect answers, and the white panels at the bottom are little dry erase sections for you to write the students names in it. Even the USB drive (which has all the pre-fab and custom templates) has a place to snap in to so that you don’t lose it. In the same article, we also shared a clip of Ken Jennings, the most famous Jeopardy champion of all, having a similar situation arise when asked about a particular garden tool. That is, until a few hours later when the clip starting make the viral rounds (and we first came across the clip via EW which calls the act ?fabled,? like it?s a story straight from Aesop?s). You can download hundreds of FREE teacher-created games OR completely customize your own game.

And if you have any problems I love Educational Insights customer service – they are very helpful! The great thing about using it in the classroom is that you can split your class into teams and have them work together.
My husband is at a Title 1 low level school and his 2nd graders had a difficult time grasping the concept of the points and why they did or didn’t win BUT they loved playing Classroom Jeopardy so much they beg him daily to play it.
Honestly I know my 5 year old would love to play this even though he wouldn’t be able to grasp the points concept either.
This product is so versatile – you can use it for your kindergarten class all the way up through even adult classes! I saw in one of the reviews that even a doctor uses it to teach pathology and neurology classes at a hospital! So if you have a K-12 school any grade level can use it – and even hold teacher competitions!

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