The Total Drama contestants will be split into two teams, this time there are no reward challenges and one teen will be voted off in every episode.
The animated reality competition series Total Drama Revenge which is produced by Fresh TV goes back to the original island where the drama began in season one — this time with an all-new cast!
Athletic overachiever Lightning, wide-eyed bubble-boy Cameron, multiple personality Mike, take-no-prisoners jock Jo, devious Scott, fame-monger Dakota, indie chick Zoey, compulsive liar Staci, strong silent genius B, fake tan and hairspray lover Anne Maria, moonchild Dawn, nice-guy gamer Sam and cadet Brick. There is one chance for salvation when host Chris unveils an immunity statue, shaped in his own likeness, to be hidden somewhere on the island.

The series first debuted in 2007 on Teletoon in Canada and then aired on Cartoon Network, where it attracted excellent ratings and numerous fans worldwide. Since the show has gone global, Camp Wawanakwa has been abandoned and turned into a toxic nuclear waste dump — the perfect place for new and painful, cringe-inducing challenges! Whoever finds the statue wins immunity from elimination for one radioactive campfire ceremony.
Those chances are slim and all but one contestant will be catapulted off the island via the Hurl of Shame!

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