Good Night Poems for Boyfriend: Take your cute text messages to a whole new level by writing a short poem for your guy to wish him sweet dreams. Good Night Poems for Friends: Wishing your friends a good night and sweet dreams, might sound a bit lame on the onset. Read them and be inspired to write your heart out to express your love in a poem that talks about cuddles, kisses and hugs – just the things you need from your guy.

From cute quotes about friendship to inspirational messages about looking forward to a new day – take ideas from this post to ping your besties before they hit the bed and doze off. Poke him with your rhymes on Facebook, Pinterest, WhatsApp and all the other places where you can indulge in some mushy talk before you both fall asleep. Friendship needs to be celebrated as often as possible… and a short rhyme will be exactly what it takes to spread the word.

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