John Keats (1795-1821), born in Finsbury Pavement in London, was one of the principal poets of the English Romantic movement. John Donne's standing as one of the greatest poets in the English language is now thoroughly established, and critics such as T. Sometimes humans are just abashed amid allure and Love.There is an actual simple test to analysis it. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. It is not like that the True Love Does not exists, it exists but now in an actual few numbers but do exist.

Often called the greatest English poet after Shakespeare, Keats had a lifelong preoccupation with early death. This sense of mortality, along with the poet's famous, unrequited love for Fanny Brawne, sparked dozens of finely written sonnets and lyrics of love.This beautifully crafted collection contains some of the most heartfelt of Keats' personal poems.
If we consider and think about the reality of life then we will realize that it is not so easy. Agnes" are paragons of the gothic lyric, wherein mysterious lovers, dream visions, and late-night fantasy come magically to life. While Donne is famous for his religious poetry, his love poems are among the most beautiful ever written, and this collection brings them together for the first time.Donne was a man who knew all the many faces of love-- physical passion, jealousy, rapture, grief and parting-- and possessed the genius to distill his experiences into poetry.

Lighter verse, such as "Where be ye going, you Devon maid?" and such passionate, pensive poems as "When I have fears that I may cease to be" provide a personal glimpse of the young poet's dreams and dreads.This selection of twenty-six poems also presents an introduction to the life of John Keats, notes on the indivdual poems, and ten illustrations, half of which are of biographical interest and half underscore thematic elements contained in the poems. Valentine's Day" and "Epithalamion"), all of which glitter with an eroticism that truly marries body and soul.Charles Fowkes, author of a critically acclaimed biography of Rembrandt and several anthologies of short stories, has gathered those poems in which Donne is most passionate and most lyrical. The result is this lovely volume- the perfect gift for every beloved, a book of poems to press flowers in and to keep by the heart.

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