Your warm touch can melt ice, stars shine in your eyes; when you kiss me softly sweetheart my heart touches the skies.
You have changed the way I see the world…the winds whisper loving songs, stars shine brighter and flowers bloom in hues. You are the sweetest flower of spring, the melody that birds sing…a poem written from the heart, the brightest night star.
When you fall in love, you actually rise above people who cannot experience this divine feeling. If you are afraid of being hurt, dread unrequited affection, then your heart is weak, and love is not your cup of tea. When you told me that you love me, my life as I knew it changed, and I knew that it would be never the same again. Your sweet smile says that all my dreams will be fulfilled, and the promises are bonded with kisses so gentle. I see you in every face, think of you when I close my eyes, miss you when I am alone and long to be with you every moment.

It is not just my mind that is attracted to your words; my heart has fallen also fallen prey to you. I love you without knowing when the seed of love was sown…just as I know that there is no end to my love. A victory that is attained by love is much more precious and stable than one that is achieved by force. Often it is said that love makes you weak; it makes your heart vulnerable, so that someone can break it.
I could afraid of expressing my love to you; now that you are with me, I am afraid of losing you. Like a dying man needs air to breathe, a thirsty man needs water to drink, a sleeping baby needs silence and a man in despair needs mercy; so I need you my love.
If you look for a perfect place, time or person to fall in love, you may be left alone your entire life.
The only thing that is beyond any reasoning is the love in my heart that grows with every passing moment.

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In this site collect a data for hindi and urdu visitor in this site data most papolar books, magazine and news papers. I will give you all I have in this world, every breath that I own and every moment that I spend…if only you will give me your heart to keep…forever! Though nowadays, the word love is most often used in terms of young lovers, who woo each other and make sweet promises; it can be felt towards any person or relation. Yet, there are some special occasions when you want your loved ones to feel how special they are.

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