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Luckily we can fill our messages with emoji symbols and add color to tame letters and sentences. You are welcome to use emoticon alphabet in Skype, on iPhone and in apps like Instagram to render the right atmosphere of the saying.

If you don’t know some smiley face meanings, meet our emoji meanings list and be always ready to emoji!Besides, there are some tricky people, who manage to communicate (and understand each other) with the help of ONLY emoticons.
Here you will also find a set of most hilarious text messages, which have ever been composed with emoticons.10 Most Laughable Emoji Texts Ever!One of the most popular ways to use emojis in texting is to compose funny tiny characters out of them. As emojis have various faces, it becomes possible to express different shades of emotions, from happiness to sarcasm, and thereby make your conversation more vivid.Adding emojis to a standard congratulation messages are also a great way to cheer someone up.

Or may be you can even start writing poems in messages yourself and once get famous with them?

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