Friendly staff to answer your web hosting queries and to help you set up your email addresses.
We are so confident that you will find our service excellent, that we do not bind you to any contract, nor do we charge an exorbitant setup fee that puts you out of pocket before you've even begun.
Our Network relies on more than 1.000 Gbps, 16 PoPs (Point of Presences) spread accross the world.
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Shucky Ducky – national headliner from BET and Comic ViewAudit - Mailing Lists - PostgreSQL27 Ago 2004 . Even though our name is 17 cent hosting, we do offer a multitude of packages to suit all of your business needs.
People ask us all the time why our smallest hosting package costs only 17 cents and how that is even possible. We are a team of professionals who strive to provide the best possible web hosting services at the lowest cost. 17 Cent Hosting is the web hosting arm of arma communications, a full-service web and business consulting firm.

Contact UsIf you would like to discuss growing your business with our services, please send us an email via our online contact form.
Our domain and site hosting packages provide you with the flexibility and ease that you need to manage your site, with our support service just a phone call away. Our friendly staff can help you set it up or your can do so yourself using the easy Control Panel provided to you when you use our hosting service.
Many small businesses won’t need anything more than a 17 cent hosting package to host their website and give a professional image with personalized email addresses. Our team is available to perform a full range of tasks which relate to your online and offline business presence. Whether you are looking to develop a full SEO strategy, reach out to potential clients in your area with local mobile marketing services or are still working on the foundation of your business and marketing plans, we are looking forward to working with you to harness the full potential of your business. In fact, we're a small, family-owned business run by a husband and wife team (with the help of our wonderful staff). Detailed information - where your visitors are coming from, what words they are searching for, etc. We also offer advanced packages for those that need them and provide packages for larger e-commerce sites. Our main network is based in France on a main european backbone which combined with the PoPs insure the lowest ping possible throughout the world.

We are a full service company, which not only offers web hosting, but also a wide range of web design and marketing services to help you grow your business dreams into a profitable reality. But if you are creating a dynamic website with lots of plugins, features, photos and more, you’ll want to consider a larger package to not only make sure you have space to save all of your goodies, but also to make sure that your customers are able to load the page quickly. We are passionate about helping our customers achieve their business dreams, whether it's by providing them with low cost hosting, building them a powerful new website or providing them with our marketing know-how. We love our small- and mid-sized business clients and have been known to go out of our way just to create a package that fits perfectly to the needs of our clients. Our network is always in evolution to go even further in your web hosting services experience.

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