SummaryGreat as a learning tool and to play with, but once you get the feel for creating your own website, time to move along to something better. With a multitude of included hip hop samples and an integrated drum machine, MAGIX Music Maker Hip Hop Edition 6 makes it possible for every hip hop fan to create tracks and beats according to their own flow and give raps and vocal recordings the right support. Record your own lyrics and distort your voice with effects or pitch-shift it to make it sound deeper. Create mix tapes of your best tracks for SoundCloud with the help of the virtual mixing console. Publish your finished tracks and mixtapes, create CDs and MP3s or upload them directly to your Facebook fan page.
Hip hop has its roots in various music genres, be it funk, rock, soul, jazz or even electronic music. With a cool 8-bit look, Urban Drums makes sure only real hip hop and dubstep beats pass through your speakers. With the help of the four-part drum synthesizer, you can add additional sounds to your song to give it the right kick. The integrated screen keyboard lets you create melodies and beats with your mouse and keyboard, even if you don't have any previous experience. Import vocals from fellow rappers or big names in the rap scene via MP3 and create remixes. Whether double-time or half-time beats, all sounds automatically adjust themselves to match the tempo. The free tutorial videos from MAGIX provide you with an initial look at various MAGIX programs. You'll learn quickly and easily how to use the most important features in order to bring your own projects to life. All MAGIX programs are developed with user-friendliness in mind so that all the basic features run smoothly and can be fully controlled, even on low-performance computers.

MX stands for Media-X-change – the fast exchange of media with other MAGIX programs, online services and mobile devices. Combine your tracks with songs from trendy techno producers in a single playlist or discover new music on Web radio. Pieno di idee, per dartene ancora di piu: MAGIX Music Maker ti stupisce con le tante piccole e grandi innovazioni, che semplificano al massimo la produzione musicale e le performance live. La nuova versione Live combina l'uso originale di Music Maker con concetti innovativi, come il controllo con i pad virtuali tramite la app gratuita MAGIX Audio Remote e il Controller Pad USB, sviluppato appositamente per il software. Con la funzione di Drag & Drop potrai creare dei pezzi che non solo risulteranno autentici e armonici ma anche altamente professionali. Crea da solo la tua Soundpool Collection personale: le nuove soundpool sono scaricabili sin da adesso dal nostro nuovo portale audio, suddivise in base a singoli generi musicali.
Chitarre da concerto, piani elettrici, drum machine o sintetizzatori virtuali: scopri il mondo degli strumenti virtuali di Music Maker.
Altri nomi di prodotti citati sono marchi di fabbrica delle rispettive aziende produttrici.
Create dynamic websites using Flash technology: HTML websites on the web often look very similar, are not very interactive and are quite boring.
Immediately deleted it when I saw there was a monthly fee attached if I wanted a professional looking site instead of just a photo album or something equivalent. The technical data for your computer can be found in the control panel of your operating system. You can import projects from the Music Maker Jam app to MAGIX Music Maker Dance Edition 6 to edit them in professional quality on your PC. La modalita Live Pad non solo ti permette di creare della buona musica ma ti mette anche di buonumore. Con l'editor MIDI puoi comporre melodie e accordi semplicemente con il mouse, senza alcuna competenza in ambito musicale.

Questi sono stati prodotti specificatamente per la modalita Live Pad e sono disponibili in 7 tonalita diverse. The drum machines provide you with heavy beats, and you can distort and pitch-shift rap vocals using the effects in the mixing console.
Please note, however, that the program requires an Internet connection at least once a month to validate your license. Per questo offriamo l'ultima versione di Music Maker in combinazione con diversi strumenti. Grazie a questa, infatti, potrai produrre le tue canzoni in modo intuitivo e velocissimo (Hip Hop, Trap, Techno o EDM).
Qualsiasi tipo di musica tu voglia fare, una cosa e certa: con Music Maker ti divertirai un sacco. The multiple award-winning MAGIX Website Maker 4 is the perfect solution for all web designers, HTML web page owners, Internet agencies, clubs, freelancers and those just starting on their first website. In questo modo potrai subito dar vita alle tue idee con la tastiera USB o eseguirle con il Controller Pad USB, registrando tutto automaticamente nel software. Website Maker 4 offers a range of design options for animated multimedia web sites which is sure to set your website wide apart from boring run-of-the-mill pages. The optimum enhancement for HTML programs: Use MAGIX Website Maker 4 to improve and expand static HTML websites, community profiles, Ebay shop pages, interactive web elements. To do so, simply export individual photo and video shows, music jukeboxes, mini-websites, profiles, banner or the entire website using pre-written HTML codes.

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