Tender chicken Kiev cooked to perfection sitting on a gourmet risotto complimented with a pernot and creamy roasted capsicum sauce, truly a favourite!.
Traditional slow roasted succulent leg of pork, served on a bed of potato mash stack and roasted vegetables with pan gravy, homemade apple sauce & crackling.
An all time favourite - slow roasted lamb, served on a bed of garlic & potato mash stack and roasted vegetables with a light seeded mustard and rosemary jus, and garnished with fresh rosemary.

Hand selected lean prime scotch fillet, slowly roasted to perfection served with garlic & potato mash stack and roasted vegetables.
Tender young pan fried veal, served with a creamy sauce made using a variety of handpicked wild mushrooms to enhance its flavour served with roasted vegetables. Our Italian specialty - tender veal fillets smothered in a fresh whole peeled tomato sauce and topped with freshly baked eggplant.

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