Making a company website successful, especially a e-commerce one, requires constant vigilance and updates. There are a number of excellent tools on the market, which help web managers track their websites and the users who visit them.
While technical people normally do the actual work of making changes to the web pages, their work is directed by the website manager, who normally isn’t a technical person.
FORT SAM HOUSTON, Texas - A new comprehensive website has been developed to help Soldiers maintain their dental readiness, Army officials said here, Wednesday.
The information site, the Dental Readiness Information Center, or DRIC, contains up-to-date information on dental readiness requirements, available resources for examinations and treatment, and procedures to update a Soldier or unit's dental readiness status. Soldiers can access the website from anywhere via smart phone or by any other internet connection device. Created by the DENCOM, the website is available to any Soldier - active, Reserve, or National Guard - and supports the U.S. Additionally, deployed Soldiers with oral disease often require medical evacuation for treatment, endangering themselves and others.

Bodenheim said dental readiness is especially important for Army Reserve components (Army Reserve and Army National Guard), because Reserve components Soldiers - as an operational force for the Army - must be able to deploy just as quickly as their active component counterparts.
The Department of Defense goal is to have active and RC Soldiers maintain a 95 percent dental readiness status at all times.
Bodenheim added that the DRIC is a great way for commanders in all components to enhance Soldier readiness and combat effectiveness. Use our online maintenance request form to request vegetation management services or a tree assessment. For additional information about environmental issues, contact Jeff Rudolph at (253) 798-7693. Keeping products updated, finding problems and making sure that customer’s needs are met is a never ending task, especially in a fast-paced retail environment with lots of product turnover. For many companies, which use their websites to promote the company, this function is performed by someone in marketing. Dental studies indicate that a Soldier who is not dental ready prior to deployment has a greater than 75 percent chance of a dental emergency within the next 12 months.

Currently, the Army's active component maintains a 92 percent readiness dental readiness status while the RC dental readiness has improved to 80 percent, a dramatic improvement from just five years ago. By late 2008, DENCOM, in conjunction with multiple stakeholders, led the development of a funded, year round, RC dental readiness program-the Army Selected Reserve Dental Readiness System," he said. The DRIC permits a new commander, as well as present commanders, to instantly access the most current information on dental readiness.
The Owner Maintain program is designed to allow property owners to maintain the right-of-way adjacent to their property.
Army Dental Command, known as DENCOM, the website is a great way for Soldiers to stay up to date on dental readiness requirements. The DRIC is another tool in the commander's tool box to assist in the decision making process of commanders," he said.

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