If you ask most people about the Korean War, the first response will be, along the lines of “What’s that?”  Then you’ll get, “Ohhhh, wait wasn’t MASH about that?”  If you get even that much of a response.  Let’s face it, it was over-shadowed by the Vietnam War.
But, it lays some important ground work so I wanted to make sure my kids understood it, and I wanted to make sure I understood it. After searching for a good hour googling “Korean war lesson plan for elementary,” and finding NOTHING,  I found this website for high school, EDSITEment!, and picked out their timeline events (activity 1).  I printed off the first 5 or so pages, the timeline of events. Our army is tired, they might bomb us, and we might not be able to stand up against the combined might of all the communist countries.

This group had well thought reasons, and a great visual for conveying their reasons, but they did not come up with a great presentation, Princess was silly and dancing off, and the boys were silly.
If President Truman (me) was going solely on these presentations than we would not have intervened in Korea.  As it was, we did intervene, and that may or may not be the subject of another post.
At the end of both presentations we discussed how each side did, and I warned them, we would repeat this activity when we reached the Vietnam War, and to prepare for presenting better. I love that this will help them in the future with other reports and that you will repeat the activity for another war to help them improve their presentation skills!

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