Currently, there are many website builders in the market but no many are based on HTML5 technology. Breezi is a also a relatively new service that use HTML5 technologies to make website building easier without Flash. With a passion for Knowledge, Smashinghub has been created to explore things like Free Resources For Designers, Photographers, Web Developers and Inspiration.
Wix built the new series of templates for people with small businesses, designers, photographers and corporations that want to take their web presence to the next level. This all means the web experience will be faster, cleaner and make galleries and videos more fluid. With Wix's HTML5 builder individuals can build small business web pages (see here) and personal portfolios (like this one). The advantage of using HTML5 is that you don’t need to use any Flash technology to create the animation effects.
They have continuously improve their technology to make it easier for the average user to build beautiful websites without programming.  In the past, Wix is known for being a Flash based website builder. Despite only coming to the scene in 2011,  it has moved quickly and created lots of useful features for its users.
It started with a Flash website builder but has announced in May 2013 that it is adding HTML5 capabilities to its website builder.  This makes it easier for anyone to create HTML5 website using Weebly without any coding knowledge. Unlike the others, Strikingly focuses on creating mobile websites using the latest HTML5 templates.

It has a powerful HTML5 website builder that lets you change almost anything without touching a line of code. I was wondering if any web developers in the community feel a little threatened by the rise these sites that allow anyone to build their own website. The newest version of HTML effectively catapults words and graphics into another dimension without plug-ins or the annoying lag time. The newer version of this code allows websites to integrate multimedia — videos, pictures, graphics and words (that not stagnate) — into its mainframe. The company unveiled a free HTML5 website builder with plenty of easy-to-use templates on Monday. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. Best of all, they provide beautiful HTML5 website templates so that even with no design or coding skills, your website will look good and professional. Since no Flash is used, it can be displayed well in any devices including iPads.  Most of there html 5 website builders also come with html5 templates that have already been optimized to look good everywhere. However, they have since shifted their technology into HTML5, which is great news for users.  Best of all, they offer a nice free trial. One of the benefits of being a latecomer is that it uses the latest technology, relative to older platforms.
Due to such focus, they specialise in making it super easy for businesses to quickly create a single page mobile presence for their company with no coding.

It also has beautiful templates that you can use to make website creating a much faster process. CSS3 is the markup language that programmers can lay on top of the HTML to make websites even more visually appealing (think: accessories to make websites extra fancy). Both were built with the Google Chrome team to showcase the advanced web technologies allowing people to see a new virtual world.
The six-year-old company already has over 20 million free and premium users building flash websites using the myriad of DIY templates. Individuals can simply drag and drop different website features and type in words where needed. This will allow you to test drive how Wix’s HTML5 website builder works before committing to their platform. Imcreator is completely based on HTML5 technology, which enables a very quick drag and drop capability.

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