Apple has updated the watch bands page on its website to provide an easier selection process for potential buyers.
Previously the site looked like any other collection on the store with a grid view that featured little more than a photo.
For watch bands that are available in multiple colors, like the Sport, Leather Loop, and Modern Buckle, users can use a color selector below the image to change the design.
Hilarious that you are comparing a car with thousands of engineering parts to a WATCH BAND. The rather substantial and devastating point I was making Kevin, is that aluminium is not devalued simply because one can make beer cans out of it. There are two things I want from Apple before I’ll treat them with any legitimacy as a watchmaker.
2) Just like there’s a longer perforated side for the elastomer band, so too there should be a longer pin-side available as an accessory. Exactly, the sheer fact that iSheep will flock to this outrageous ripoff and give billionaires their hard-earned money for a simple ALUMINUM (one of the most populous metal on earth) watchband is truly astounding. Even with all the troubleshooting guides and advice offered right here on TMO, sometimes there's nothing for your issue but a Genius Bar appointment.
When you get the details page for the store, you can click on Genius Bar to get your options. Once you have chosen the Genius Bar, you can work through the time and date of your appointment and Apple ID signup. A number of Apple websites are currently experiencing widespread outages, making some services unavailable for lots of users around the world.

The outage doesn’t appear to be affecting everyone, and some users are seeing different things. As you might expect, Apple’s services status page tells us there are no issues, which suggests the company is yet to pick up on it.
DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. The page now lists each individual band under its own section with a brief description and price. The new design gives users a closer look at the clasp of the band without the watch hardware present. In the old design, color selection was only possible from the individual item pages after selecting a style. Walk into any jewellery store, order any link band for any stupid $50 or $50,000 watch and you can obtain additional links without having to buy an entire additional bracelet.
While it's a snap to schedule that appointment in the Apple Store App, if the issue is your iPhone itself, you may not have that option.
If you're already signed in you will see your registered hardware, and you can choose from that list. If so, you might enjoy hanging out with other like-minded folks on the Mac Geek Gab Facebook Group. Don’t let it go to waste – you can make healthy apple sauces and purees to see you through the winterIt’s the time of year when anyone with an apple tree or two in the garden will be trying to fathom out whatever to do with the sudden glut of apples on the trees and lawn. While the sites simply won’t load for many, others can access them but cannot make changes or update their Apple ID accounts.

If they look helpful, go that route, but otherwise just pick something and you'll get the next steps. Just the plain dumb old bones which make up Astons and top-end Jaguars, and many Lamborghinis, etc etc. Both of these things would not cost much to provide, and would prevent Apple from having to turning anyone away. Put them in a lidded saucepan with a few tbsp water (just enough to wet the base of the pan), then cover and cook over a gentle heat for about 10 min until completely soft, stirring often and reducing the heat if required to stop them sticking. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. Other sites are invited to link to any aspect of this site provided that all content is presented in its original form and is not placed within another frame. The Mac Observer is an independent publication and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Apple, Inc.
Prepare cooking apples as for the smooth sauce (above), and slice dessert apples into 1cm slices. Put them in a lidded saucepan with a few tbsp water (just enough to wet the base of the pan), then cover and cook over a gentle heat for about 7–8min, stirring to ensure they don’t catch. Roast in a medium-hot oven for about an hour until the apples have gone soft and golden and the skins look sticky.

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