When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. The rates of various steps that are involved in MHC class I antigen presentation are shown. Defective ribosomal products (DRiPs) represent 30% of the proteins synthesized by ribosomes.
Most people will agree that well placed humor in your presentation is surely to strengthen your relationship with an audience, overcome communication barriers and increase your rapport.It has been already proven that people prefer to stay in a positive and playful work environment. The number of ribosomes and of proteasomes have been established experimentally in L929 cells, as have the rate of translation, DRiP formation and peptide degradation. The rate of proteasome activity has been deduced from the protein synthesis at equilibrium. To bring more impact to your presentation, try to implement these ideas to make fun presentations: Engage The 5 SensesIn order to leave a lasting impression on people in your presentation it is best to use all five senses.

The number of MHC class I molecules loaded with peptide per second follows from the estimated number of cell-surface MHC class I molecules and their half-life. The new economy of MHC class I molecules is extraordinarily wasteful with only 1–2 out of every 10,000 peptides generated binding to MHC class I molecules. Consider bringing tea, coffee, candy, stress balls and brain teasers and ultimately it will make your presentation more engaging and interactive.Deliver Unexpected Videos To Your AudienceTo keep the audience focused on your presentation, use diagrams, graphs, videos and colorful charts . These numbers are average estimations from in vitro studies and are expected to vary between different cell types and different physiological and pathological states (statistics are based on Refs 7,66).
Other than that, you can also make effective use of a smiley face, angry face and sarcastic grins.
Thus, think outside the box and certainly your audience will love the style of your presentation.Take 5 Minute BreaksIf you are planning to deliver a long meeting which may take an hour or more then it is always recommended to take 5 minute breaks frequently. Because, this will cut down your meeting members worrying about snacks, bathroom breaks, emails, missed calls and the like.PracticeIt is very much true that your face is worth a thousand words and so is your voice.

For important presentations, practice in front of the mirror and turn on your video camera.
Once in a day, give your PowerPoint presentation in front of these tools and play back to pull off your vocal delivery speed, facial expression and voice modulation.End With a Meaningful QuoteThe last step to make your PPT fun is to add a meaningful quote towards the end of your presentation. Whenever you give any kind of presentation, you should always finish it with a unique finale as it will help your audience to remember the presentation for a longer period of time.Hence, if you want yourself to look professional then use these above mentioned tips.

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