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What’s nice about fonts is that you only have to choose a font once in order to reap the font’s benefits on every slide in your deck. There are literally thousands of fonts available, and for a reason: good fonts add personality to your slide, which can enhance your CREDIBILITY. Much like looking for presentation images, many people (including myself) find looking for new fonts to be OVERWHELMING. Simply click on the links of the fonts listed below, and hit the download button to start adding some emotion to your presentations. Sketch Rockwell – This sketchy hand-written script font can add a dose of playfulness to your slides.
Aller Font – When your presentation needs a little sophistication, consider using this font.
ChunkFive – This bold font tells your audience that you’ve got something “unique” to share with them. Gardener – An organic, rustic serif font that works great in grunge and earthy designs. Qontreau – Modern and elegant, but also suited to retro or ‘art nouveau’ or even avant garde themes, this font has been designed to work in various combinations from conservative to funky. Softhand Script – Softhand script is another simple handwriting font, designed to be clear, legible and yet stylized.
Upright – Upright is a sassy retro-inspired font ideal for presentations where you want to be taken seriously-but not too seriously. Do you have a friend that could use some help with picking cool fonts for their next presentation? Your post, Presentation Tips – 10 Awesome Fonts For Presentations, is really well written and insightful. About PandaWe're a presentation design firm that creates KILLER presentations for startups, large businesses, and individuals. Adam Noar is founder of Presentation Panda, and has been designing sweet looking slides for over 10 years.
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Subscribe to my newsletter to stay informed on all of my latest presentation tips, articles, and resources! How to Come Up with Creative Ideas: Ten Rhetorical Concepts that Will Make Your Ideas More Distinctive, Innovative, and Effective – The Visual Communication Guy: Design, Writing, and Teaching Resources All in One Place! Make your next PowerPoint or Keynote presentation more effective with our professionally designed Cool Theme template. Cool Theme presentation template includes built-in layouts and stunning backgrounds to make your presentation a winner.
We take pride in employing features most companies skip because it's "too much work." This Cool Theme presentation theme is carefully considered and implemented to maximize the beauty, consistency, clarity and -- most importantly -- audience impact of your presentation. All our presentation templates are saved in POT, PPT, and PPTX formats to make them compatible with your presentation software like Office for Mac, Keynote, Google Docs, OpenOffice, and others.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Among the software presentation programs, there are two that stand out, PowerPoint for Microsoft PC users and Keynote from Applea€™s Mac. If you are a die-hard mac user, chances are, you tend to use Keynote for your presentation requirements.
Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links (at no extra cost to you). A modern social media presentation designed for an Social Media agency, Social Media Researcher, Social Media Marketer or any type of business related on Social Media. A very well done Infographic Keynote Presentation, comes in Fresh Style and 30 unique slides, ideal for presenting your eCommerce survey or any type of statistical analysis in an Professional and original infographic way.
Professional animated keynote template is a clean and simple presentation template, which is easily editable with free font use.

Marketbees is a fully editable keynote Presentation, fitting for any trusted business like Marketing concept, high technology, Social media and many other business needs. The professional look of a€?Marketbeesa€? is portrayed through the simple and clean style that allows descriptive text about the firma€™s specialties with a creative way by using illustrations and prototypes of hexagon shapes throughout the presentation to describe several strategic business approaches. This is a clean and modern Keynote template designed for companies but it will work as well for any professional presentation. Karbon keynote template features 1920A—1080 size,A  24 Slides, Full Editable template and more. A very well done Infographic Keynote Presentation With a Vintage style and 24 unique slides, ideal for presenting your survey or any type of statistical analysis in an enjoyable and original infographic way. This easy to use set of Keynote Presentation Templates comes with two unique versions of vintage photo albums. This easily customizable high-res Keynote template includes 20 master slides with 3 unique color treatments.
DesignMonsters Keynote Template is an excellent choice for business presentations, professional slides, research reports and startup pitches.
Parched is a Keynote Template using playful retro elements great for presenting your company or project. Sharp is a Keynote Template designed to offer a modern and appealing platform for presenting your company or project.
This easy to use, professional Keynote a€?09 presentation template is includes 13 master slides set for HD 1920 A—1080.
Wow your audience with this stunningly creative and easily customizable HD Keynote template developed in three unique color systems a€“ Azure, Citrus and Leaf. With so many choices you can easily waste hours browsing the many available fonts out there on the internet. Super smooth with a touch of class, Aller is a great accent for your top-end product or service. Unlike a number of other handwriting fonts, softhand looks good even at font sizes as small as 12 pixels. The attention we pay to the finest detail make this presentation template truly world-class.
Cool Theme template for presentation is laid out in a way that simplifies the complexities you may have previously encountered with Keynote or PowerPoint.
Amateur designs are easy to spot: same old fonts, same old bullet points, typed into any space that's available.
All you will need to do to complete your professional slides is to type in your text and change the data.
I recommend that you do your own independent research before purchasing any product or service. Ita€™s great for any type of e-commerce data visualization and infographic Survey but it can be also used for many other business needs.
Recommended for those who want to keep it classy, with clean and simple presentations, yet very stylish.
Simply Premium templates are designed with the true business professional in minda€”spanning the gamut of communications materials that business owners frequently need including identity systems, corporate brochures, presentations and much more! This presentation is easily customizable in Keynote (placeholders for your text, image and video files) and Adobe Photoshop. Ita€™s great for any type of Web marketing and Social media Concept but it can be also used for many other business needs. The file is full of graphic elements (more than 50 PSD are included!), custom and cool animations. The layout and design are ideal for architects, engineers and anyone who wants to present their images and ideas in a clear, smart and coherent way.
The Keynote background is notable for refined minimalistic .key template design with thoroughly selected number of design elements. With a textured and edgy design and three distinct color ways, your presentation is sure to be modern, unique and memorable. Mix-and-match the additional 64 hand made graphics to fully customize your presentation and show your ideas in their best light.

Then, if you feel like customizing even further, you should also consider some of the paid ones I have listed.
Therefore, you need to choose a font that reflects the personality of your brand and story.
Most people will agree that well placed humor in your presentation is surely to strengthen your relationship with an audience, overcome communication barriers and increase your rapport.It has been already proven that people prefer to stay in a positive and playful work environment.
Make more exciting sales presentations, trade show displays and product promotions, or use them in any educational setting for more impact and greater retention. Our designers' agency-trained sensitivity to typography deliver a sense of clarity and professionalism to your presentations. Here in this article, we are sharing with you some of the keynote templates just for your ever varied presentation needs. You can easily customize the slide by changing colors, text, photos, add different background, select your preferred ribbon, etc.
This presentation has unique simple colors (which come in 3 different variations), and 100+ graphic elements (handwritten arrows, lines and colored markers). Create convincing vintage photo albums you can share digitally with your friends, colleagues and family. This presentation is highly customizable with easiness, both in Adobe Photoshop (minimum CS4 ) and in Keynote (minimum iWork a€?09). With this template you can quickly insert your text, images and data in just minutes youa€™ll be ready to wow your audience with your professional designed presentation. In just minutes you can insert your images, text and even videos into their placeholders to create a professional, memorable show.
In my personal life I spend time on photography, mountain climbing, snorkeling and dirt bike riding.
So for each of our presentation themes, our designers have customized a collection of perfectly mixed colors optimized to complement its unique color scheme. Basically, the debate over which of the two has an edge over the other, is still going on and it will not likely end anytime soon.
To bring more impact to your presentation, try to implement these ideas to make fun presentations: Engage The 5 SensesIn order to leave a lasting impression on people in your presentation it is best to use all five senses. We fuse your message with world-class design to create dynamic, audience-engaging presentations. You'll never again have to guess whether or not a color "goes with," and you'll easily be able to stand out from the crowd of other presentations.
With Cool Theme presentation template, you are well on your way to making the kind of impression you want to make. We have also included a number of free Keynote templates so therea€™s no need for you to spend to proceed with your presentation making. Whether you want to make presentation for yourA classroom presentations, product announcements, seminars and trainings, etc. Consider bringing tea, coffee, candy, stress balls and brain teasers and ultimately it will make your presentation more engaging and interactive.Deliver Unexpected Videos To Your AudienceTo keep the audience focused on your presentation, use diagrams, graphs, videos and colorful charts . Other than that, you can also make effective use of a smiley face, angry face and sarcastic grins. Thus, think outside the box and certainly your audience will love the style of your presentation.Take 5 Minute BreaksIf you are planning to deliver a long meeting which may take an hour or more then it is always recommended to take 5 minute breaks frequently.
Because, this will cut down your meeting members worrying about snacks, bathroom breaks, emails, missed calls and the like.PracticeIt is very much true that your face is worth a thousand words and so is your voice. For important presentations, practice in front of the mirror and turn on your video camera. Once in a day, give your PowerPoint presentation in front of these tools and play back to pull off your vocal delivery speed, facial expression and voice modulation.End With a Meaningful QuoteThe last step to make your PPT fun is to add a meaningful quote towards the end of your presentation. Whenever you give any kind of presentation, you should always finish it with a unique finale as it will help your audience to remember the presentation for a longer period of time.Hence, if you want yourself to look professional then use these above mentioned tips.

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