PowerPoint presentations are getting more and more popular amongst the education as well as the corporate world for giving proper professional presentations. Here is a guide for all the people how to create an effective presentation using PowerPoint. The first step is to install the Microsoft Office in which there is Microsoft PowerPoint which will enable you to carry all the processes. At the first stage the background is being set, this can be done through selecting any default template available the file (new) of the tool. Now the font style and the size is being selected , make sure that the font size, color combination of the template and the font should be prominent, as it should be properly visible to the presenter as well as to the audience.
Text, images, videos and sound clips all can be added in the PPT slides but one thing should be taken under consideration that the visuals should not be over loaded, as it should be simple, concise but complete. Animations can be added to the PPT slides as per the requirement, but it is being advised to make it simple and professional rather making it amateur and colorful.
After creating the slides and finalizing the layout with the animations press F5on the keyboard and view the slide show so that any fault or mistake can be detected and can be rectified before the final presentation. The presenter should not read the slides in the presentation but should just take them as guide and should focus on his own conversation and communication strengths.

PowerPoint is a tool which enables you to create effective presentations which can be displayed through a multimedia at any venue and the presenter can take the presentations as a guide and can deliver his or her presentation. Because they should know that actually the slides are for the audience not for the presenters. We teach our course participants a presentation planning system that both saves time and results in an effective presentation.
Then you’ll receive regular tips by e-mail to help you make the most of the Guide and the monthly Speaking about Presenting email newsletter. The main purpose behind PowerPoint presentations is that the audience can have the eye contact with the data and they should be more focused and with the same can get the outline of the presentations and for the presenter it is just the guide so that he or she should not miss any point during the entire presentation.
This is because it is good to be rectified before it gets too late, so it’s good to be safe rather than sorry. Over the years we’ve refined and streamlined our system to make it as efficient and effective as possible.
The content has to be altered according to the preferences of the viewers and must match their level of understanding.The data and material has to be smartly manipulated into something that would hold the attention of the audience and also retain a position in their minds.
Crosscheck formatting and data integrated in your presentation.Rehearse well before the actual speechStudy your document with complete engrossment.

Review all the data and try to jot down key points.Do not panicAlthough confronting people while presenting your ideas and thoughts can be frightful, but sometimes, fear is necessary to achieve success. Try to avoid full paragraphs of text and instead try to make your presentation more visual avoiding large lists of bullet points. The employer will be assessing the interviewee’s skills to know if he or she is fit for the job. Never criticize your current employer or the new employer will think that you will do the same with them later.Prepare your presentation for the job interviewPractice and prepare your presentation, this is one of the most important steps to make an effective PowerPoint presentation and in particular to get the job during or after an interview. If you practice the presentation many times you can control the timing, and you can also plan different scenarios when people start discussing about something.

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