The first thing you’ll need to do is use SWFObject to embed your Flash site into your HTML page. At the very least you should include some basic content from the site like contact info and relevant links in addition to having a link to download the latest version of Flash. The most important thing to note above is the link to the non-Flash version of my site which I’ll go over below.
A sample mobile site HTML template is included in the above zip file in the folders “Sycamore” > “mobile”. It’s also a good idea to create a subdomain on your web server named “m” which stands for mobile. Using this code ensures the alternate content you created with SWFObject in step #1 is skipped entirely on iPhones.
It sets the width of the page to be the same width as the viewport of the device viewing it. In the download you’ll notice there is an image in the “mobile” folder called “iphone_icon_57x57.png”. All iPhones and iPads already have the font Helvetica installed on them so it makes a great choice for your font family in the CSS for your mobile site. I would not like making a proper mobile version, it’s just for the home page of the website, the rest is html, so it works fine also on those devices. How can I place these 2 files on the same web page so that files will be viewed based on device detection. I think possible to have the JavaScript direct iphones and ipods to one site and ipad to another site (to take advantage of the ipad higher resolution), but is it possible to have the JavaScript send iphone 4 users to still another site to take advantage of the iphone 4 higher resolution? I built my very first mobile website for a band just right after the Flash version was finished a couple of weeks ago. Hi, Anisha asked about this question back in December but I don’t see an answer for it. You’re right Matt!,this is a great resource and Jeremiah did a nice job on the explanation.
What I do here is providing an alternative html site which has the same content that flash uses.
I have been all over the internet reseaching this very problem and this info is the first that has giving me hope. I proposed this problem to Z57 last week begging for a solution and they emailed me back my same question as a stupid explanation.
My question is DO I HAVE TO SWITCH FROM Z57 (who I have had my site with for about 8 years now) TO ANOTHER PROVIDER WHO CAN RESOLVE THE FLASH-TO-IPHONE+IPAD PROBLEM!? I have made a html version in dreamweaver of my flash site, not quite as wizzy but more mobile friendly. The momentum against Flash is building up, or rather the momentum behind HTML5 is building up at the expense of Flash, making Adobe's decision to abandon it on mobile platforms and focus more on HTML5 all the more welcomed and forward thinking. The new HTML5 editor is offered alongside the Flash one and there seem to be just as many templates for the HTML5 one as for the Flash version. A big part of the decision is the switch to the mobile web, a lot more people are spending a lot more time on the web via their phones and tablets. Most of those devices don't support Flash and no new ones will support either, Adobe has dropped development on the mobile version of the runtime. With the HTML5 editor, like the Flash one, users can simply drag-and-drop elements to customize the look of their sites.

Suggestions below screensaver for your mobile phone with the original name Flash Car Clock of the category pictures on the phone "Auto and Vehicles" you can download for free. To do this, run the application on your phone for automatic code reading QR-Code, point the camera at the code, click on the download link.
The wallpapers on the site are suitable for all mobile phones with a screen resolution of 240x320 pixels. In case you have not found a suitable background for you phone - Use the search box or navigate by category and genre pictures, mobile screensavers, located in the right box. This picture for your mobile you can download directly to your phone with the QR-code located below.
Free wallpapers for mobile phones offered to you on our site are gathered from free sources. In designing its PBS Kids website, the public broadcaster pays attention to all the ways kids are different from adults — making the buttons bigger, the characters more prominent, and the content a mix of play and learning. But in its latest redesign, the company had to grapple with an issue facing adults and kids alike. Video is an especially important component, with PBS Kids serving 200 million streams per month.
Though not a huge change, visually, the revamp was a major commitment, involving 12 of the PBS Kids’ 20 digital staffers working since May.
As important as the apps and websites, DeWitt said, is coming up with things parents can do apart from the computer or tablet to build on the show’s lessons. The educational space is a crowded one, DeWitt said, with tons of apps teaching counting and the ABCs. Just as the atom bomb was the weapon that was supposed to render war obsolete, the Internet seems like capitalism’s ultimate feat of self-destructive genius, an economic doomsday device rendering it impossible for anyone to ever make a profit off anything again. It also contains all code samples shown below, including all HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for a fully functional mobile site. Most Flash developers are already doing this but the important thing to do here is to make sure you take advantage of SWFObject’s capability to display alternate content to users without Flash installed. When developing a mobile site the important thing is to keep the site simple using basic HTML and a one column layout.
There is nothing more annoying for iPhone users than getting a “Please upgrade your Flash Player” message.
This ensures that on the iPhone the site is sized correctly and already “zoomed in” and matches the iPhone’s screen size perfectly. This is handy if the text size is too small to begin with but if you are using a large enough font size this isn’t necessary. I hope you find these tips useful – if so it would be nice if you could share this on Twitter, Digg, etc. For [link removed] (made wiht Cedar) I took just the browser switch to link to the little iPhone site I made beforehand. At the top of the page you should see a yellow sports car and the word Welcome to the right of it. The industry had proved before that it in not completely dependent upon one innovator am sure the standards will change once it passes through an antitrust suit. They responded by saying, “The devices are not compatible with flash, it has nothing to do with the Z57 website. Additional question: for users without Flash installed, is there a way to take directly to a html version website without the page with the link to adobe or a link to the website?

Some 60 templates are available, but you can also roll up your sleeves and start from scratch.
By the screenshots of the picture can get an idea about the design of "Flash Car Clock" saver, its colors, icons. Download screensaver for your phone "Flash Car Clock" will start immediately on your mobile device. We are confident that our site will find the screensaver for your phone and make it unique and original among his own kind.
All backgrounds and screensavers for cell phones are in the original size of 240x320 pixels and is suitable for most mobile devices. With 11 million unique visitors per month, DeWitt said, her team knows their site is often a child’s first experience with the Internet, and they take that opportunity seriously. Increasingly, PBS is working on other areas, including social skills and decision making — areas where parents have fewer options.
Every Flash site should attempt to make all content accessible to all users but sadly most sites don’t do this. Unfortunately a lot of Flash sites using SWFObject fail to provide anything useful as far as alternate content.
This is to ensure it will be completely accessible to all users and viewable on all devices including mobile devices besides iPhones. In fact, it can increase the size so much that it really messes up your layout and looks bad.
If you know of any other tips for making Flash sites accessible on iPhones and other mobile devices please leave them in the comments below. I don’t even need to create a non-flash version of my website- just going to direct them elsewhere.
You can put this in your CSS to handle IE that will check to see if the height is larger than the width before it resizes the image (and vica-versa). In the case of copyright to any proposed picture or screensaver - please contact us and we will make a steps to remove content that violates your copyrights. The wallpapers for mobilephones, as well as screensavers, divided into categories and genres, which will pick up your phone to the desired screen saver in minutes.
That meant the site needed to adapt easily to multiple screen sizes and drop Adobe Flash in favor of HTML5. The recent Daniel Tiger’s Day and Night app, for example, focuses on morning and bedtime routines, while a separate PBS Parents app is designed to help spur the creativity of adults looking for non-technological ways to keep kids occupied in restaurants, car trips and other settings. It is a fusion of different media styles, different topics, different formats and different sources. I prefer to keep everything on one page if possible since scrolling on the iPhone is more enjoyable than clicking.
The site has the ability to edit the image size, namely the image editor that helps you to resize the screensaver for your phone for the correct screen size on your smartphone.
Downloading wallpapers to your phone from the site you can be sure that they are tested and fully compatible with your phone model. If you don’t create a custom icon, the iPhone automatically takes a small screenshot of your page and uses that for the icon.

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