So I researched the net and was surprised to find myself having fun with three free online beat makers of high quality and with plenty of creative potential. This is done by simply dragging instruments or effects from Audiotool’s browser to the Audiotool desktop. Audiotool offers 7 instruments, 18 effects and some handy mixing tools. In addition the computer keyboard can be used to play the instruments and also a midi keyboard can be connected with Audiotool.
A whole bunch of good tutorial videos can be accessed directly through Audiotool’s menu. Choose the time stretch tool and create a grainy slow motion voice by simply dragging the border of a waveform. Audio samples can only be imported to audio tracks but not to the sampler, which is a bit limiting. Like with Audiotool, Soundation’s instruments can be played with the computer keyboard or a midi keyboard. Soundation also offers different paid membership options, which I won’t discuss here, because this article is all about free online beat makers.

Audiotool, Soundation and Audiosauna all offer a surprising amount of good sounding instruments and effects. You shouldn’t expect these online beat makers to be as potent as pro DAWs like Ableton Live, Pro Tools or FL Studio. If you want to start making beats and have no budget, or simply want to have access to your music projects from any computer, Audiotool, Soundation or Audiosauna could be for you. If you like this article, feel free to leave a comment and share it on facebook, twitter and g+. The main reason for this is the lack of performance compared to offline software. Nonetheless people keep asking me, if I knew any good software to make beats online for free.
All three free online beat makers I’m briefly going to present offer a lot more than some of the cheap paid programs, that are aggressively marketed on the internet! Due to it’s modular structure anything from a super simple setup to a megacomplex beat making machine can be built. The instruments and effects are automatically wired to the mixer and can easily be rewired almost anyway you like it.

A thing I really liked about Audiotool is it’s active community of Audiotool users who share samples and the music they created.  In the community you can connect with like minded people and inspire and motivate each other. It includes 9 instruments and 11 effects that don’t look super sexy (exceptThe Wub Machine), but sound really good. Nice features are it’s time stretching and pitch shifting tools, that allow you to dramatically change the character of a loop with little effort. Or create Darth Vader or Mickey Mouse style voices with the pitch shift tool in the same manner. It contains only three instruments and two effects but the instruments are quiteversatile and have built in effects of their own.
So Audiosauna still has a lot of potential for creating a whole lot of diverse sounding music.

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