And add your congregations name to the top, side or bottom, where ever you think it looks best. As we sit in our pews every week, looking at the church programs we were handed when we walked in the door, we rarely expect more than a list of what’s going to occur during the service. It’s a source of information for those in the congregation who show up for Sunday services, but there’s no reason we can’t make church programs that look great. Church programs have always been bland pieces of paper with information in it, but with specialty programs available and your printer at your church, we can make create elegant church programs for any service or special event. The best thing about the above programs is that you can download a program template, design them in Word and print at your office.
No matter what service or event your presenting,  there are a few key items to include on your program. Let’s face it, congregations get used to things being one way, and church programs are one of the things that they rarely expect to change.
Below is a selection of free backgrounds intended to be used in church worship services, as background images for projected song lyrics.

Many people know that having a custom logo designed is not an inexpensive endeavour, and I know that these days, congregations don’t have extra money to throw around on frivolities like logos. You have your free custom church logo and your congregation can now play with the big kids. Sometimes there’s an attendance list and offerings from the previous week on the other page.
This means you can actually have a different program for every week without having duplicates. But with a few minutes of time and some great blank program stock, you can make a change that will impress everyone in the congregation.
People often make the mistake of using backgrounds which have too much contrast, and the text becomes difficult to read. I also know that a logo can go a long way to adding a professional look to things like letterhead and websites.
If you plan on being creative with the logo and want different versions, see what your denomination has and take one of each.

Additionally, if you want to change your church service rather suddenly, you didn’t waste any time or money on ordering programs. Plus, for special occasions like Easter and Christmas, there are church programs especially for those. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to set up and print off your new church programs, so take a look at all the great programs available. To simplify things, there are templates you can download for your word processor that makes setting up the programs a breeze. Whipping your employees into improved physical shape doesn’t have to involve a whip at all. No longer do you have to fiddle with how things look until its right, just fit everything in the templates and you’re done.

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