When developers design and release a website, their main concern is getting visitors to their site. There is nothing more frustrating for a user to visit a site and find they have to wait what seems like an eternity just to view the content.
I’ve put together a small list below of things all designers should consider to make their website load faster. Most modern websites will contain at least a few images, either for content or design purposes.
Compression aside, it should be noted that you should always try to replace GIF and JPEG files with PNGs where possible, especially when it comes to background graphics. If you have lots of images on a particular page then you are unknowingly forcing multiple unnecessary round-trips of the server to get access to every image.
What’s more, you should always compress any internal JavaScript code to ensure it loads quicker. If you have many images on your site and for whatever reason you have decided to host them on another website such as a free image hosting site then you need to read on. We all know that mobile browsing is steadily increasing and we are all fully aware that we need to start embracing Responsive Web Design. Every time a user visits your website their browser stores a lots of files such as stylesheets, scripts and images onto their hard drive. When people look at your business website, how fast does it load on their computer, tablet or mobile phone? Research has shown that if your site takes longer than 4 seconds to load, people can become impatient and look elsewhere.
We work with businesses across Staffordshire to help them understand what they need from their website; then we design and build it for them. Count yourself very lucky if any user hangs around after 10 seconds as most will have jumped shipped long ago.
If your site makes use of more than 10 images then you will seriously want to optimise your images.
They will be smaller in size by default compared to JPEGs and the loss in quality is barely noticeable for graphics. Some of them useful such as Google Analytics and some of them wasteful, in form of duplicate jQuery libraries.

You may think using several will get you more accurate results but you need to decide if it is worth sacrificing load time. You seriously need to to think about moving them to your own server and hosting them yourself.
But did you know that it is crucial and I repeat, crucial that you optimise your website for mobile devices. You need to think more about the mobile device users and how content, especially multimedia content and JavaScript files are handled. This process reduces the number of HTTP requests required and thus speeds things up for the next visit (providing the slow loading time doesn’t put them off). If your web host is further than fifty miles from where you live, you might want to look into getting a closer host. As technology improves and internet connection speeds increase the feeling amongst web users is that even 4 seconds is getting to be too long! One of the factors that search engines, such as Google , take into account is how fast a website loads.
Check the service levels and equipment available before making a decision, the cheapest option is not always the most effective choice. If you'd like to find out how we can help your business do better online, please get in touch. However, one aspect that the majority of designers tend to overlook is that of loading times and how to make their website load faster.
This is particularly relevant if your site is getting regularly high traffic as this can add to the numerous reasons for why your site is loading slowly. Essentially this means using a suitable form of compression to reduce the file size of the images. The one file format that should always be avoided is bitmap images – they produced ridiculously large file sizes and serve no purpose being online! However, by using Sprites to combine background images into a single image you will be able to reduce the amount of round-trips.
What you may not be aware of is that each of these scripts are competing with one another to get access to your site. If you want your website to load faster then stick to a single, reliable traffic analysis script and ditch the others.

If you think your website loads slowly on a desktop PC image how slow it will run on a mobile device. A lot of developers have no idea where their server is located but you can do a straight forward ping test to find out the location.
Here we take a look at the main reasons why your website needs to be quick, and what you can do to make your website load faster.
Similarly, using an effective picture format, such as JPG or PNG, means that the  images loading time will be reduced. I highly recommend using this tool to decide whether you need to make your website load faster. This will ensure the images will be the smallest size they can be without distorting the quality of the image. But please bear in mind, you should only consider this if you are an experienced JavaScript programmer. Then you can think about loading the remaining scripts and larger images ONLY when a larger device is detected.
It is therefore wasteful to update them this regularly and force unnecessary HTTP requests.
Doing so will help avoid time-consuming and unnecessary HTTP requests and thus make your website load faster. If the test shows that your web host is on the other side of the world then you might want to consider alternative hosting. The more images you have the more you will benefit and ultimately it will make your website load faster.
It is NOT good practice to remove commenting or condense code in this way BUT the truth is, it will make your website load faster. The image below illustrates a good example of JavaScript compression to make your website load faster.

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