Your email should not only announce the site with a hyperlink, but should also talk a bit about why you redesigned the site.
Inevitably, youa€™ll find a small thing or two that slipped through the cracksa€¦a stray bullet mark or odd difference in layout between browsers.
If you havena€™t included this in your pre-launch plan, youa€™ll want to take a look at your other marketing materials to make sure that everything is cohesive and consistent. The website, called the New York Climate Change Science Clearinghouse , offers access to more than 1,000 maps, data sets and documents that show the possible impacts of climate change on infrastructure, transportation, energy, water resources and more, according to NYSERDA.
President Obama has enlisted Macklemore in criticizing a lack of new funding to fight the national opioid addiction crisis, with the rapper speaking of his own battle against prescription drug abuse. House Republicans introduced 18 bills for deliberation, which should have bipartisan support.
State officials yesterday kicked off a statewide campaign urging parents and other adults to talk to teens about drinking and drugs.
We have introduced several new, very useful features on our website to make your shopping experience in our online store even more pleasant and comfortable.
I used the camera connection cable with the medianav eco system of my Dacia Logan MCV II 2015. The Federal Highway Administration is calling on state and local transportation agencies to work together on a new data-reporting initiative. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) wants to make congestion and other traffic data much, much more visible — and it wants state and local agencies to work together to make it happen. With a proposed rulemaking notice released April 18, the administration laid out a plan to require state departments of transportation and metropolitan planning organizations to crunch numbers and submit information about things like travel times and greenhouse gas emissions.
The motive behind the proposal is to inject more information into the transportation planning process at the state and local levels while simultaneously giving the federal government a better idea of the true impact of its funding.
With an ever-expanding market of available alternative-fuel vehicles, one state agency in California is seeing new opportunities to go green. The government-research collaboration network has tapped the former Maryland governor to help build out its reach across the U.S. Our weekly newsletter delivers breaking stories to help you solve the challenges faced in building economically and socially robust communities.
SINGAPORE — Have you ever thought about volunteering to help out at an arts festival or event but didn’t know where to start? Citing available statistics from the NVPC, she said the national volunteer rate stands at only 18 per cent of the population, of which only two per cent volunteer for arts, culture and heritage-related events.
Announcing your new website is the perfect opportunity to reconnect via email with your database and invite your contacts to visit the site.

It's a chance for you to talk about recent growth, rebranding, updating the content to better serve your clients, etc.
So, dona€™t miss out on this opportunity to start a conversation with your current database and to invite new visitors to your site.
The Clean Energy Standard refers to Cuomo's mandate to use 50 percent renewable energy in the state by 2030. Obama noted in the address that opioid deaths have tripled since 2000, and Macklemore spoke of losing a friend at the age of 21 who overdosed on painkillers. Three of the bills passed Tuesday with only one dissenting vote, and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said he expects the rest to be approved in the coming days.
Talk2Prevent is the prom and graduation season campaign by the State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services to help give parents resources for having these very important conversations with their teenagers. But how to connect an aftermarket camera without it being a difficult and tiresome process? In the Bundle&Save section you will find kits for various car brands and models that will make your traveling more pleasant and even help you save on your purchases! Since there might be scores of metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) in a given state that would report the same information as that state’s department of transportation, the proposal calls for those agencies to work together on reporting. A new online search portal is set to make things easier for you.The new website by the National Arts Council (NAC) is scheduled to be launched in the latter half of the year as part of its efforts to beef up its arts volunteers programme. From here you can review our menu, check out our events, get out location and even make a reservation online. If youa€™re like most businesses, the project required a lot of planning, management, testing and time. It could be to announce a webinar series, a newsletter, some helpful resources or a great e-book or guide. Everyone is curious to see something newa€¦.so use this as the start of a strategic and ONGOING communication strategy to grow your business. Obama continued to blast a lack of new funding in the 18 bills addressing opioid and heroin addiction Republicans moved through the House this week.
State officials said that over the past decade, admissions for heroin and prescription opioid-abuse treatment in New York have increased 40 percent.
OASAS launched the campaign with an appearance by Commissioner Arlene Gonzalez-Sanchez at Riverhead High School, where she spoke to the Class of 2016. And while ita€™s tempting to think about kicking back and celebrating and then not giving your website another thought, the truth is that your website launch holds great opportunity for your business that you dona€™t want to miss out on. 2 Democrat in the House, said the legislation will not bring needed relief unless Congress also passes 2017 spending bills to pay for the initiatives.

In Upstate New York and on Long Island, admissions for opioid and heroin addiction have increased 94 and 117 percent respectively.
We are producing our own cables that can be used to connect an aftermarket camera in almost any car. The council is working closely with the National Volunteers and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) to help increase the pool of volunteers for the arts, said Chua Ai Liang, NAC director for arts and communities, citing a recent jointly-organised session attended by 35 groups and institutions. For clients, it's always nice to have a reason to get some "face time" and a celebration with a "reveal" of the site can be a fun reason to get together. Moreover, heroin admissions to OASAS addiction treatment programs have risen 35 percent between 2006 and 2015. Our website will search for products that fit your car and then display them, classified by different categories. By next year, all arts instructors giving workshops under the NAC-AEP (Arts Education Programme) are required to also have had pedagogical training. Elsewhere, the council outlined other future plans, among these its concerted effort to engage younger audiences. In line with this is the soft launch in December of a new Children’s Art Centre, which will be located at the Goodman Arts Centre and run by a partner organiser. And while traditional arts continue to be a strong focus this year, support for contemporary forms will continue. One of the NAC’s main commissioned events this year is the Singapore Biennale in October, and the council will also have a greater involvement in the running of Gillman Barracks. Last month, the Gillman Barracks Programme Office was set up to enliven the offerings at the visual arts precinct.
The new office under the NAC will be overseeing programming efforts, said Low Eng Teong, director for the visual arts sector.
We are also looking to activate the outdoor spaces at Gillman Barracks with public artworks,” he said. Low pointed to the current exhibition of Singaporean artist Charles Lim at the NTU-Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore, which was previously shown at last year’s Venice Biennale, as well as this weekend’s Art Day Out open house event, as some examples of the council’s involvement.The council will also continue to promote local artists internationally.
According to Grace Ng, director of sector development (music and theatre), it is actively exploring participation at festivals such as BIGSOUND and Queenscliff Music Festival in Australia for Singapore’s contemporary musicians.

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