You needn't be a budding Martha Stewart to get your creative juices flowing at this DIY haven.
As a meaning-making space, the portfolio engages teachers in focused inquiries into and across educational experiences in light of their developing educational philosophies and practices.
Meaning-making helps students prepare for engaging in a reflective teaching cycle, aimed at thinking more deeply about how their decision-making plays out for student learning in their classrooms. The portfolio helps facilitate this meaning-making process, while the Portfolio Project provides facilitation skills and reflective tools, as well as online dialogue spaces, to support meaning-making in ways that allows students to articulate and reflect on their pedagogical thinking across contexts. Preservice teachers go through an intense series of coursework and fieldwork experiences that they are expected to connect, integrate, and reconcile in order to make pedagogical decisions about what to teach, how to teach, and how to continually develop their teaching. The Portfolio Project provides reflective tools and online dialogue spaces to support supervisors and instructors in scaffolding the meaning-making process that allows preservice teachers to articulate and reflect on their pedagogical thinking across contexts.
This project explores the intersection of a memory of architecture and an architecture of memory.

HelloI work as an experience design strategist at The University of Vermont Medical Center in Burlington. The five-story second Manhattan outpost (the first is on the Upper West Side) offers foolproof crafts that any age or skill level can master.
The portfolio has been designed as a space dedicated to supporting preservice teachers in learning to ask and articulate answers to the questions: What have I learned from this experience, and how and why does this learning matter for my teaching and student learning? Rather than expecting preservice teachers to learn how to think, write, and talk about their teaching on their own, the Portfolio Project supports supervisors and instructors in developing facilitation skills for this kind of professional development process.
Architecture and memory exist analogically in an essential, yet largely provisional, relationship which is given meaning by a productive practice of making, doing, living, and being, and is undertaken by both designer and user as they engage their individual memories and experiences. Previously, I was a professor of design and director of the Design for Social Impact graduate program at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia.
And memory, as an elemental component in our connection to the world, will always be important to the ways in which we find meaning in the buildings and spaces we interact with.

This website includes projects, research and writing at the intersection of social design, education, healthcare, community building, design methods and tools and DIY infrastructure. To make meaning in architecture is to begin a creative practice which organizes past experiences, present actions, and future desires into significance at any given moment. Those who don’t want to get their hands dirty can have a pro apply glitter tattoos ($5) and hair feathers ($6) at a station on the first floor, or hit the retail area to pick up quirky gifts such as Seedling Design Your Own Superhero Cape kits ($40).
In this way, memory and architecture are not posited as fixed entities which always mean one thing or another, but are endowed with a degree of flexibility in their ability to hold meaning in our lives.
Projects, most of which hover around $25 apiece, are geared to kids and adults, with difficulty levels ranging from "kind of easy" to "really easy." Any time a project calls for an expert touch, the ACEs will come to the rescue!

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