Indeed, with the right techniques and approach, you can turn even the most boring topic into something interesting, useful, and exciting.
Previous [INFOGRAPHIC] 12 Tips On Staying Inspired Next Can you use the graphics from the presentation in other marketing materials? Bill Gates was in the middle of making a passionate plea for malaria relief in a 2009 TED Talk before an audience in Long Beach, California, when he did something shocking. There was some nervous laughter, but probably more than a few audience members' hearts stopped cold for a second. If you want to drive your messages home with that degree of long-term impact in your next presentation, you should consider finding a compelling prop.
When you want to cut through distractions and keep your audience laser-focused on your main message, you can increase your impact by using the right prop.
During a major financial crisis, I worked with a top executive at Ford who was preparing for his first-ever informal meeting with the board. A few weeks later he sent me a picture of himself holding the car with a big grin on his face. Just by choosing to use a prop in the first place, you're already setting yourself apart. I once had a client who had just been promoted to the top sales position at a major company. Not only was the room fully energized, he made a big impact, introducing himself as someone more than just another executive. To be sure, not all props have their place, and some can feel more gimmicky than impactful.
When presenting to a group of people, it is important to make a good first impression and to catch their attention within minutes you step into the room.
So if you want to make a wonderful and arresting first impression, you can use this template we are going to review in this article.
With this Radial Lines Template, you can choose from radial sunburst or concentric circle patterns that is the theme of all your slides. This free template contains a Title Slide with radial lines radiating from the center of the slide. It also contains blank slides with designed backgrounds for you to have an option to include whatever object you want, and for you to layout your slide however you want it.
This Radial Lines Template is designed in red and has warm-colored themes, also making it an ideal template not just for business or personal use, but also if you want to make a presentation about holidays and celebrations.
On the other side, a poor presentation or presentation having too much animation, colors, non-readable text, fast colored text or titles, pictures etc.
Here we’ll discuss few tips and fundamentals that will make your presentation more effective, impressive and professional avoiding most common, obvious and “invisible awful” errors!! Arrange your text with proper spacing, allowing you to represent your key message properly. Try to maintain a line of text with minimum 5 or maximum 6 words in case of the end of sentence.
Key message is the message that says everything about the presentation in short and leaves a long lasting impression to the audience.
Video Clips, Audio Clips and various Animation effects are a powerful tool to convey the key message in a much better way. A healthy discussion will make you more confident and help you to keep your audience attentive throughout the presentation. Jayant JoshiJayant Joshi is working as an Data Automation Specialist at Silver Touch Technologies Limited.
Engaging oral presentations are the most effective in getting the message across to the audience. A traveling businessman needs a different-size poster board than a high school student creating a presentation for science class.
We always recommend using visuals as opposed to text when giving a presentation; this advice particularly applies to academic topics because there is a great temptation to mix in a lot of words, numbers, or codes to inform the audience. Experienced presenters know that how something is presented can be more crucial than what is being presented.
Understand their learning style and knowledge level before giving your presentation including what information they need to know.
It’s important to check if your audience understands your message every now and then, especially for academic topics. Just because an academic topic is serious and complex doesn’t mean you can’t do what presenters of other subjects do to keep their audience interested and awake like telling a joke or structuring your presentation as a unique story.

There is truth to the saying “practice makes perfect.” Rehearse the presentation, including any jokes or stories, multiple times until it becomes so natural you no longer need a script and will only have to establish rapport with your audience come presentation day.
Have your audience leave the room with a clear understanding of your message or what they have to do with a brief conclusion using large and readable fonts or graphics. An academic presentation is a talk about an idea and not the paper itself; your presentation should support rather than document the paper. Of course, the mosquitos weren't carrying malaria, but Gates gave everyone an abrupt sense of the fear the disease still inspires.
Just like the Bohr Model helped you understand atoms in chemistry class, physical representations of an abstract idea can help your listeners wrap their minds around it. To illustrate intensity, for instance, I pass out wooden blocks and ask participants to hit them together softly, noting how their bodies feel.
He wanted to emphasize that, while it was true one area of his business had a major problem, the business as a whole was still in great shape. Most of us have had to sit through more PowerPoint presentations than we can count; in that sense, at least, the bar for appearing bold and engaging your audience is pretty low. How powerful would it have been had he just talked for 20 minutes about how the company was going to turn around? Carefully choosing a prop that aligns with your message and resonates with your listeners is key. The Radial Lines PowerPoint Template is an ideal template that you can use to clearly, cohesively, and interestingly put together your presentation.
It has a bold red background and contrasting colors and shapes that gives your overall presentation a uniformly stylish look. Going across the slide is a black bar where you can type in your presentation title using white font. This 12-slide template contains a variety of layouts for you to present texts, lists, photos, and visual and numeric data. Revolutionary progress of various office applications like MS-Office and Open Office has made this word more popular. Create or use the theme that makes your idea more clear and helps you to represent it easily. It is strongly recommended that you check and verify the contrast before putting it in the live presentation. Presentation Experts have introduced this attractive abbreviation to explain the importance of simplicity.
He has 16+ years experience in Data Research, Data Preparation, What-If Analysis, Automated Report creation and VBA Application. Poster boards can add an element of interest by giving the audience something to look at, but it should be made interesting enough to hold their attention. Your title, headline or points should be legible from where the audience is sitting or standing. When you try to cram too much onto a poster board, you run the risk of overwhelming the audience. Despite the fact that it is the digital age, poster board presentations still have their place. This may work for speeches but with academic subjects you want to support and interpret words and numbers with visuals and not repeat them.
Most guidelines recommend presenting the bigger picture first before drilling down the details but some actually learn faster the opposite way. Get your audience to participate by engaging them in a discussion rather than just talking to them.
Move beyond PowerPoint slides while speaking, especially when you need your audience to totally focus on the matter at hand. Many people have a tendency to use complex jargon to make them appear intellectual, credible, or sophisticated but this only makes your topic incomprehensible.
When using fonts for technical matters, avoid using comic sans or fonts smaller than 28 points.
He also gave a prime example of how the right prop at the right time can be tremendously effective. I came up with a creative prop idea: I knew he was a big fan of model cars (which might not come as a surprise), so I told him to choose one, put a scratch on one of its doors, and bring it into the meeting. The audience can tell if they are in for an interesting talk just by seeing your first few slides. You can incorporate bar graphs, tables and even SmartArt to make your presentation more visual using this template.

Most people will agree that well placed humor in your presentation is surely to strengthen your relationship with an audience, overcome communication barriers and increase your rapport.It has been already proven that people prefer to stay in a positive and playful work environment.
It has got the importance as an essential element like other important skills, for an institution. Despite the best idea and beneficial proposal represented in it, one can lose attention due to such presentation.
Similarly your presentation must have impressive title slide with proper and cluing subtitle. Without colors, presentation won’t work, but it is also true that a lot of colors may irritate the audience or shatter a presentation. Currently he is developing software and utilities in MS-Excel using Visual Basic for Application (VBA) environment. You don't have to spend a lot of time on the poster, but a bit of extra planning for your poster board will have your audience sitting up and listening to what you have to say. Regardless of the subject being discussed, slides are intended to engage the audience with clear and colorful graphics, graphs, and tables—not as a teleprompter for the speaker. Divide the body of your presentation into the three main points you want the audience to recall and process and limit your diagrams to a maximum of seven components. Many academia professionals also make the mistake of establishing a rapport with a select group of people in the audience, such as those in the more advanced level, even if the majority of the listeners are unfamiliar with the subject at hand.
Again, the presentation is for the audience so you want to inform the audience about a topic they don’t know, not simply inform them that you know something they don’t.
Presentation helps you to represent your idea, product or view very easily and effectively. It helps to manage and prepare slides by dividing the matter in various pieces like Text, Clip-Art, Word-Art, Charts, Table etc.
This is another way to get the audience involved in the poster as well as adding a bit more space for words and images. Establish eye contact, vary your tone of voice, make the appropriate facial expressions and natural gestures, and convey a high level of energy and confidence—in most cases these are more important than the  words you say.
To bring more impact to your presentation, try to implement these ideas to make fun presentations: Engage The 5 SensesIn order to leave a lasting impression on people in your presentation it is best to use all five senses. Short and to the point presentation successfully passes pinpoint message to the audience, which may be a notable reason for closing the deal or sale! Black text on White background is the best contrast but it is boring and the most used colors. As long as these nonverbal cues are not distracting, your audience will stay interested and actually believe what you’re saying.
Consider bringing tea, coffee, candy, stress balls and brain teasers and ultimately it will make your presentation more engaging and interactive.Deliver Unexpected Videos To Your AudienceTo keep the audience focused on your presentation, use diagrams, graphs, videos and colorful charts . Application doesn’t matter here, but skill of creating effective presentation matters!! A presentation greatly helps to visualize complicated concepts or focus attention on a subject. If you don’t do this, there are chances that a question related to the next slide topic will be raised during explanation of the current slide! Keep eye contact with the audience and wisely answer their questions raised during the discussion. Other than that, you can also make effective use of a smiley face, angry face and sarcastic grins.
Talk freely, because audience will be attentive to you only if they hear something new and interesting. Thus, think outside the box and certainly your audience will love the style of your presentation.Take 5 Minute BreaksIf you are planning to deliver a long meeting which may take an hour or more then it is always recommended to take 5 minute breaks frequently. Because, this will cut down your meeting members worrying about snacks, bathroom breaks, emails, missed calls and the like.PracticeIt is very much true that your face is worth a thousand words and so is your voice. For important presentations, practice in front of the mirror and turn on your video camera.
Once in a day, give your PowerPoint presentation in front of these tools and play back to pull off your vocal delivery speed, facial expression and voice modulation.End With a Meaningful QuoteThe last step to make your PPT fun is to add a meaningful quote towards the end of your presentation. Whenever you give any kind of presentation, you should always finish it with a unique finale as it will help your audience to remember the presentation for a longer period of time.Hence, if you want yourself to look professional then use these above mentioned tips.

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