The question how to Make a Good PowerPoint Presentation has been asked 961 times by our users. Mar 13, 2014 · Making a good PowerPoint presentation is not hard, but it does require some forethought. Learn what you need to know put together a Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation quickly and with little fuss. This video will show you how to use 3D shapes, backgrounds and text create a good powerpoint introduction slide.
Learn to create a PowerPoint 2010 presentation and prepare share it deliver your message an audience.
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Give me 10 minutes of your time and I’ll show how to make a good PowerPoint presentation.

They waste valuable time, and in our professional environment are one of the most feared torture methods for committed people! We also provide information about how you use our site to advertising agencies, institutions running web analytics and social media Our partners. If you have ever sat in on a presentation where the speaker used PowerPoint unwisely, you know that the tool can become as much of a curse as a blessing to a public speaker. First of all, you’re going to need to know exactly who your audience is so you can start planning out your content. Once you have created your outline and know what you’re going to say, you can now begin to pick and choose the best PowerPoint designs.
The content should be the driver when it comes to choosing the best PowerPoint designs for your presentation, not the other way around.2. If you are limited in your choice of templates you can download PowerPoint templates in order to give you some more choices.
Remember that your content is going to help decide which template will best suit the presentation. Or, if you work for a corporation you may think about using blank slides with the corporate brand or logo strategically placed on the top or side of each slide.3.

Make sure you find the right balance by making the most important pieces of content stand out, which is important in a visual presentation. Don’t feel that you have to add an image or a graph to every single slide, as again, you don’t want to overwhelm your audience with too much information.
Sometimes all you need is a visual for the audience to look at while you talk about what they are seeing.5.
Although many people tend to get nervous when talking in front of an audience, try to look at it as a way of simply teaching people about what they need to know.
And since you are the one that created the PowerPoint you are the expert so there’s really no reason to be nervous.

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